huzzahSeptember 2, 2006

I found a thistle the udder day that was white instead of pink/purplish.

all the flowers on this particular plant are white.

are there albino plants?

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philmont_709n2(z6 Ohio)

perhaps it was a teasel
Common Teasel: Dipsacus fullonum

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

A plant with white flowers instead of the usual color isn't an albino plant, but rather a "variant" or "sport" with odd flower color. I am not sure that there are albino plants, and if there was a plant that lacked color it would also have to lack green chlorophyl, and therefore could not make food for itself. Such a a plant would never grow past the early seedling stage.

It seems to me that plants with red, pink, or blue flowers are more likely than yellow or orange-flowered plants to produce the occasional white-flowered seedling.

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philmont_709n2(z6 Ohio)

speaking of that, i found a sky blue tall ironweed today! normally they are a deep purple. i collected some seeds in hope to get that mutation growing.

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philmont_709n2(z6 Ohio)

lol sorry! lots of people mix them up and i thought may have been the case.

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