Mandatory vaccinations in Croatia

momj47(7A)March 30, 2014

Looks like Croatia has beaten the US into the 21st Century.

Croatia's Constitutional Court has upheld compulsory vaccination laws against nine infectious diseases. The court's statement has been translated as reading, âÂÂThe childâÂÂs right to health is more than the rights of parents to the (wrong) choice.âÂÂ

Croatia and its neighbor Slovenia have been at the forefront of universal vaccination. While most governments advocate in favor of vaccination, and in some cases provide financial incentives, only a few make childhood vaccination compulsory.

Since Croatia made vaccinations universal in 1999 diphtheria, whooping cough and measles have disappeared entirely and tuberculosis has decreased by 93%, tetanus by 97% and hepatitis B by 65%.

The implications of a let up in vaccination regimes can be seen in Syria where the war has interrupted the childhood immunization program. As a result polio, recently confined to just three countries, is now spiraling out of control in Syria. Children, including those who make it to refugee camps in surrounding countries, are being sentenced to lifelong paralysis.

Failing to vaccinate a child against a transmissible disease is analogous to strapping a bomb to their chest and sending them out in public - if something triggers an explosion they are the most likely one to die, but there is a substantial risk everyone close to them will get hurt as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Croatian court upholds vaccine mandate

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

Sickeningly sad. Croatia's ruling likely arises from current compelling need.

In the other countries mentioned, large numbers of people once lined up anxiously to vaccinate their children against polio. There was more need for more vaccine than for laws requiring its use, and for a long time, as large numbers of vaccinated children held diseases at bay, it remained that way.

For significant numbers here, the era from the 1970s and on through 2000+ was one of increased antiintellectualism and distrust of education, upswing in fundamentalist religious beliefs, increased belief in superstitions, and especially increase in unreasoned distrust of the unknown and what is different, which, for the ignorant, certainly includes government (always "they" in that mindset) and government programs. No surprise that once-controlled communicable diseases took an upswing during this era also.

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As far as I am aware, it's still compulsory to vaccinate children here in order to enroll them in public school... so...

The unfortunate part of the information age is the amount of disinformation that comes along for the ride...

But what happened to our ability to think critically and logically about these sorts of things, without falling for bits of disinformation?

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