Utah Giant Cherry

risingtiger(5)September 24, 2013


I'm wondering what peoples experience has been with the Utah Giant Cherry tree. I'm deciding on cultivars and will be planting full size root stocks (probably the Mahaleb or Mazzard). My soil is quite sandy and winters down to -10F while summers rarely over 100F (with lots of monsoon cloud cover cooling things down).

I'm mostly concerned about a decent producer that is vigorous and disease resistant in a fairly arid location.

Does anybody have experience or knowledge of the Utah Giant Cherry or can recommend other varieties?

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You might get a better response in the Fruit and Orchards forum or even the Utah Gardening forum. Unfortunately despite the common name, there is nothing native about a fruiting sweet cherry tree :-)) And as with most fruit trees, this is a case of where local information is by far the most meaningful.

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