No odor in Illicium floridanum?

canishel(z7 TN)September 16, 2010

I have one established and two new (still in pots) I. floridanum. They were bought from different sources and at different times.

None of the flowers have an offensive odor. Why not? It's an important question because I want to plant the new ones next to the house. Does the amount of sun, fertilizer, temp, anything affect the presence of the odor that is reported?

Should I cross-post this question on another forum?

Thanks for any help.

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They don't have a bad odor it's more like a mild anise odor I have two plants

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Lucky! They can be very stinky, according to my sense of smell.

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Good question. The leaves of Illicium floridatum have an appealling anise scent to most noses, except deer, hurray! The maroon flowers, however, have a divided consensus. I use it, when in bloom on garden walks, as an illustration of how scent can be quite subjective. I ask participants to smell the flower, and weigh in on it's appeal. It is unfailingly about half and half with people who find it attractive vs "Yeccchhhh!".

I find it attractive, kind of salty and citrusy, "like the beach", and others concur. The other half, including Dr. Dirr, find it stinky like wet dogs or old socks.

I'd guess you'd have to find which half you're in to determine where to plant it. Beyond that, it's an incredibly useful plant for evergreen shady screening, and should be used more.

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canishel(z7 TN)

Thanks to all of you.
I can smell the anise leaves and like it. The flowers have almost no odor.
I went ahead and planted them at a corner next to the house. We'll see what happens.

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