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foxychris(z6)October 13, 2005

As the weather has been so dry this summer I need to ... along with everyone else in this area re-seed the lawn.

I just usually buy a bag of grass seed from Lowes or whereever.

I've noticed though years of patching it grows and wears at different rates. Does anyone have any advice on what variety to plant in the North East.

BTW ... rain is coming down torrentially here in Edison ... it's been all all nothing here!

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Odie99(z7a NJ)

It depends on what grass you have in your lawn now and what look do you want. All the cool season grasses will grow in NJ, but have different requirements and looks. If you were to do a complete overhaul and start fresh. I would suggest a turf type tall fescue with about 10% bluegrass added in. Most of the major seed companies offer a mix with this proportion. If you wish to renovate your existing turf, find out what is there first, then get the right seed and use a slit or power seeder to install the seed. Just spreading it over the existing lawn will only yield about 30% germination. Power seeding will get closer to 90% germination, and at the price of quality grass seed, that's a very big difference.


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I still have some grass so I need to patch it up ... the problem is I have no idea what still remains.
I will take your advice and use the recommended combination.
Thanks for the advice about the Power seeder, I haven't heard of it but I will try and locate one.
Thank you for your reply Kirk.

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It also depends on how old the lawn is and if it is within the sprinkler system. If the lawn is watered, then you can have almost any kind of cool season grass. If it is not watered, then whatever left is very likely tall fascue. Blue grass and ryegrass are probably dead after the hot summer. If the house or the lawn is new, the tall fescue is very likely new improved tall fescue. If this is old lawn, you may have various mixed tall fescue.

Kirk is right on the seeding. If you have turf-type-tall-fescue (TTTF), re-seed with 85% TTTF and 10-15% bluegrass. If you have old tall fescue, you may want to reseed the entire thing.

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Odie99(z7a NJ)

All the rental places, including Home Depot will have power seeders for rent. You may want to check with a neighbor and split the rental cost. I will tell you this, it is not an easy job. The power seeeder is a mchine that will rattle your bones and strech your muscles. If your soil is compacted, clay or hasn't been aerated recently, power aerating will be a huge improvement to your soil. The aerating allows water, nutrients and air to reach much deeper into the soil. The most important thing you can do is improve the soil before you worry about the seed or turf that gones on top. At this time of year, the landscapers are getting abour 8 cents per square foot to aerate, power seed and fertilize. Since we have had all this rain and the temperature looks to stay warm, now is the time for lawn renovations, but that window may close quickly with the onset of cooler temperatures.


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It's an old lawn and we don'r have a sprinkler system.
I assume I can get the seed mix from Home Depot or Lowes.
I'll go over there today.
I'll also check out the power seeder ... it was good to learn about that because we have 1/2 an acre so it might be worthwhile.
I appreciate your help!

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