something extra from Home Depot?

karen64(6b)October 28, 2005

I went shopping yesterday and home depot was one of my stops. Another stop was Timothy's garden center, and Michael's arts and crafts. Later, my daughter comes running over and says her cat is playing with a lizard, it must have escaped from our lizard tank, right? But that guy is not one of our lizards! Well, I guess now it is. It is much smaller than the boys' 2 annole lizards we have had for 2 years, and at first we thought the two had a baby, kept it a secret for some time (ala janet jackson) because it was half the size of the other lizards. I asked her where she found the cat batting it around, and she said in the foyer by my halloween display. I put the plant in there that came from home depot, it is something tropical looking I suppose. I got it in the house-plant section and I needed something to fill space, and then I put the pumpkins from Timothy's Garden Center around the plant. the pumpkins must be grown local so I have to assume the lizard came off the home depot plant! He's lucky he wound up in this house, if he can overlook the whole cat incident! Isn't that strange? karen

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

I believe anoles are hardy enough to be found wild in the Carolinas, so, if a plant came from a nursery there, a young lizard might be shipped to Hm.Dpt. How good that it turned up in a house that would care for it.
Before bananas were processed and stored like they are now, snakes, tarantulas and lizards would show up in the big, undivided bundles.

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Loretta NJ Z6

Someone was watching over that lizard that it found you. Glad it wasn't me! Lol! My kids would want to keep it.
Except if it eats earwigs. Then it is welcome here.

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How neat!
If you could post a picture my husband would be able to identify it. We had an iguana for many years, a nile monitor and two beautiful lacertas, plus several swifts who laid eggs which we hatched in sphagnum moss. We'd love to see a picture. Good luck with your new pet.

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