Smartweed ID question

peter_6September 25, 2010

In our comunity garden there is a smartweed that is like a bush about 5 feet high and wide. I have only seen similar sized smartweeds at the edge of ponds, but this is 100 feet away from a pond. The sheathes are fringed, so I would say Fringed Smartweed except for its size, and also the leaf shape. The largest leaves are 6 inches long and more, they are relatively narrow, widest near the base, tapering evenly all the way to the point. Any ideas? Sorry I don't have the equipment for a photo. Regards, Peter.

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Not sure, but my thought is that fertilizer from the community garden could account for the size.


Here is a link that might be useful: A Native Backyard

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David: yes, could be. But I'm at a loss to explain the Water smartweed leaf and the bristles on the same plant. Hybrid? although I know that's rare. Regards, Peter.

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