How was your swap?

Loretta NJ Z6October 2, 2005

How did you guys do yesterday? Sorry I missed it again. You're a little far but wouldn't have minded the trip.

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sugar_magnolia(z6 Hamilton, NJ)

Oh that is bizarre. There was a woman there named Loretta and, since I've never met you, I thought she was you! I thanked her for all the useful posts and gave her a beautiful rose bush. Oh well, she was a nice lady so I am sure Rosie went to a good home:-)

I thought the swap was lovely. Steve and Melody are such nice people and WOW what a fabulous garden they have. I came home with so many new plants... I've been planting all day. Thank you Steve, Melody, Annette Joanne, Ellen, Drew, Loretta from Philly, for so many plants. It was nice to meet everyone!

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Loretta NJ Z6

Another Loretta? There aren't too many of us around. Lol! Thank you for the kind thought though. I am sure Rosie will be loved and well cared for! That's too funny.

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loretta5_gw(Z6 PA)

I'm the Loretta who went to the swap. I wondered why Sugar Magnolia said she appreceiated all my help and advice on the GardenWeb, but after a while I assumed she hung out in the PA forum a lot, since that's where I am almost all of the time. Now I know she doesn't. She meant a NJ Loretta. It's nice to know another gardening Loretta. As you say, there aren't too many of us around.

The swap was fun. It's always a treat to spend time with other plant fanatics, er, I mean enthusiasts. Steve and Melody's garden alone was worth the visit.

Rosie is planted and settling in her new bed. I'm already dreaming of her flowers for next year.


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I had a lot of fun at the swap. This is my second visit to Steve & Melody's house. They have great gardens and are great hosts! I still haven't finished planting and potting yet. I hope to finish today.


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Loretta NJ Z6

Nice to meet you Loretta of PA. I should check out the PA forum. I do like to do some plant hunting over there. Maybe you can post a picture of Rosie in bloom next year if you have a digital!

It is great that Steve and Melody have offered their place to meet so often. Personally, I don't think I could ever get it together to host a swap.

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We enjoyed it also! Next time, I'll let some garden clubs know in advance so more people are in on it.

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pontesmanny(z6/7 S NJ)

Thanks to Steve and Melody for organizing the garden swap! Now I just have to find a some way to be there!

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sugar_magnolia(z6 Hamilton, NJ)

Sorry to be a late poster... I've been away on business. Someone suggested to me that we ask Garen Centers for donations for our next sap -- items they don't want or which may need TLC, etc.

Loretta from Philly, I am glad Rosie is doing well! She really is a beautiful girl. I want to plant the peonies this weekend but it's pouring!!!!!! They are going in my front yard and will flank the walkway to my front door.

Thanks again everyone!

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I think plants for the swap should be from swappers. What I would like for next time is for garden clubs to be notified in advance as these groups probably have persons who are not internet-savvy.

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I surely am sorry I didn't know about this meet. I'm the past Pres of the Pinelands garden Club, and belong to a few other gardening type clubs such as Pennsylvania Horticulture Society, South Jersey Organic gardening club, National Herbal society. I'm thinkin of starting a garden club in the Palmyra area of Burlington county. I'd be glad to host a meet next year. My garden will be in 2 garden tours in June, so the garden will be ready for visitors by then. I also have a plant sale and open house for my greenhouse/to get rid of the plants I;ve been growing-by june I'm tired of watering them.
It would be fun to have a plant swap meet again.

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