Hosta 'Olympic Gold'

brucebanyaihstaAugust 5, 2012

As requested, here is a photo of Hosta 'Olympic Gold' taken this morning. That plant has montana and nigrescens parentage, as I recall.

It is still holding up quite well given the high temps we have experienced this year and the lack of watering ( on my part).

Bruce Banyai

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Bruce, that scape with all the pods looks like a cluster of fruit. Drupes might be the term.

Thanks for the photo.

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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

Thank you so much for posting this, Bruce.


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I have, it seems, this evening off, because we're getting rain, and are expected to get more rain, over the next several days, so even though we have tours scheduled tomorrow and the next day, I don't have to race around to give all of the 'baby's' a 'lick and a prayer' of water to try to keep them all 'perky', ahhhh.

So this evening I've been perusing Hosta related sites, and find the esteemed Bruce's post, this post, very interesting, along with his other recent posts regarding fragrant flowering Hosta.

Since a famous HostaHolic has, publicly admitted on this humble forum, that even he has had, this year, trouble keeping up on watering treasured Hosta, I don't feel so bad that I've been struggling.

Now, if only he and other more esteemed Hosta Folk (that would be a difficult group to define), would confirm that other Hosta folk also failed to, as I did, to realize that the 2-3 week early season meant that the slug/cutworm/etc bait/poison schedule needed to be bumped up by as many weeks.

I hope I will forever remember to adjust my slug/cutworm/etc baddies bait/poison regime timing to the current year's schedule!



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bernd ny zone5(5)

Hosta 'Olympic Gold' is a very nice hosta to have!
Bruce's hostas also in other posts do not show any heat effect, must be watering them a lot more than I do.
HH, I am certainly not esteemed, but I had the nematodes come 2 weeks early, but less intense due to me spraying a Bayer insecticide. I notice also that slugs come back more often, so the usual 1/month was not good enough. Bernd

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