Euphorbia dentata / poinsettia dentata/ toothed spurge

genie_wildeSeptember 4, 2007

I've 'inherited' a new wildflower/weed in my flower bed this summer. I finally got it identified as "euphorbia dentata" (sometimes known as "poinsettia dentata") or "toothed spurge." It's an annual, native to N. America and seems to have no problem growing in Portland, Oregon, where I live.

I find it quite ornate, with its rather complex geometric patterns of leaves and its clusters of small, light green 'berries' (buds). I'm wondering it it would make a good houseplant or controllable garden plant like its cousin the poinsettia.

Some drawings, pics, and links to more info are in this thread.

And more pics and scientific info can be found here.

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botanybob(Northern Idaho)

The only places I've seen it growing are in full sun, so I suspect its potential as a houseplant is pretty limited. Unlike the poinsettia, this is an annual and it would have to come up from seed every year. Its hard to predict how weedy it might become in Portland. If it doesn't seed well on its own, you could always collect seed in the fall and plant them where you want them every spring.

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