... and I was blaming deer

pandora(Z5 OH)August 11, 2014

Yesterday while grilling my DH noticed a hosta leaf and stem moving across the top of our stone wall.
A chipmunk was dragging the leaf. Chippie sat on the wall, bit off the leaf and let it fall. Took the stem in both hands and munched it all the way like a celery stock!
Then went back for a second stem.

Someone said leave a bowl of water for chippies and they'll leave flowers alone. I was afraid to leave water sitting around to invite bad critters.

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The leaving water works in my experience. Chipmunks are looking for moisture - lacking another source, a juicy plant fills the bill. Been doing that for years after seeing one climb up a lily stalk and eat a bud. Just put a shallow clear plastic baked goods tray or somesuch out of the way along their run. They'll find it wherever you leave it and will leave your plants alone. It does not draw other unwanted creatures.

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bernd ny zone5

Chipmunks are resourceful. They must have found the rotted roots of past trees on my property and live there. Lst year there, now here. On my lawn there is a hole, which I can try filling up with gravel, soil, sticks and several minutes of water out of a hose - the hole is still there, can not get plugged - vast cavities underground. Have I finally plugged it temporarily, they dig out another one next to it.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Thanks for the tip about the water. I just put out a saucer on the front porch for Charlie, one of our many chipmunks. We have bird baths but never thought that they might be too high for the chipmunks.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

I wouldn't mind seeing Chipmunks again,but I'm afraid the marauding cat in the neighborhood has eliminated them! They use to be around here a lot,and I could hear them 'chipping' all day. Now if the cat would only go after squirrels? Phil

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