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pam_fDecember 7, 2005

I am not sure how to post multiple pics in one message.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Beautiful wall! What are the approximate dimensions of the area? Also, what general effect do you want out of the planting (i.e.- multiseason color, low-evergreen, mixture of species, wildlife garden etc.) Have you had the soil tested or have a general feel for the soil (i.e. clay or sandy, acidic, etc.)? Has the soil been amended in any way in that area? I am sure "we" at Gardenweb could give you some very good suggestions. One other thing is how much maintenance are you willing to put in afterwards? For example, is there a sprinkler system and/or are you willing to water regularly the first year. Do you mind pruning and deadheading or do you wish the area to be as low maintenance as possible?

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One other suggestion, if you still want a designer and have not found one. Contact Russell Gardens WHOLESALE in Churchville, Pa. They don't do design, but have one of the largest and best selection of perennials and ALL of the local designers use them. They may be able to recommend a name or two. Otherwise, let us Gardenwebers help!

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We have basic clay type soil but it also has quite a bit of organic matter both what I added and also what is natural. It is acid I am fairly sure.

I don't mind watering as needed initially and am OK with some pruning and deadheading. Mostly I want a natural look but not an out of control look. I would really like to get some height because that side of the house is bland. It is a southern exposure. The problem with putting a tall tree in is that the utilities including the septic tank (not field) is right there. However I do have some space. I was thinking maybe some sort of trellis up the side of the house.

I am not familiar with Russell Gardens. My husband just gave me a Kales Nursery gift certificate. Does anyone have any experience with Kales?

Thanks for the feedback.


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