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senga(z6NJ)November 10, 2005

Hi guys, I live in Hunterdon county for over 3 years now, moved here from Union with dreams of beautiful gardens and now I basically switched to house plants, since if it is not deer, it is groundhogs that eat everything. But I need your advice on what to plant in front of my house. I have two rised beds, sourranded by stone walls about 20 inches high. Both are southern exposure but under huge trees, one has two of those growing inside the wall. Right now I have some helloborus, that's doing fine, about 20 roses(miserable), peonies(OK), hydrengas(eaten) and some tulips and imperial crowns for protection from squirells. And some hostas, as long as they are not eaten. This year I decided that may be some evergreen conifers or such will survive drought, wild life and shady conditions. What kind of shrubs or perenials will you advice, evergreen or not blooming or nor as long as they do not grow more than 3 feet. I will appreciate any suggestions.


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If you check the Landscaping forum, many of the experts can make recommendations for your property.

Hope that helps.


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