Why do some Conservatives become Liberals?

cookie8(zone 5 ON)March 1, 2013

Tom Flanagan and now famous quote
"I certainly have no sympathy for child molesters, but I do have some grave doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste in pictures,â said Flanagan. Very distasteful
He was Senior Advisor to Stephen Harper back in Alberta. This will hurt the Conservative Party I am sure. It's like he can say as he wants as he essentially is at the end of his career. I don't get the comment at all. I don't think it can ever be explained.
Sorry but there is something wrong with this man. How could he have ever advised anyone? His views are off and wrong.

Here is a link that might be useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqS4qKkE_SY

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So your point is that liberals tolerate child molesters?

You are kidding, right? Anyone who would think, much less say such a thing is stupid beyond belief.

I do agree that there is something wrong with this man, his views are wrong and bordering on criminal, but certainly not liberal.

I guess the Mounties will be looking at his computer.

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Tom Flanagan is a conservative - an American imported into Canada to show our very own Conservative party how to steal an election.
I doubt the Mounties will be looking at his computer. The Mounties have been taken over (indeed, ushered into power) by the Conservative Party.
We have oil in Canada and it is not the same country it was even 10 years ago.
Little hurts the Conservative Party. It is styling itself as a permanent institution attempting to force Canada into a one party state.
His firing is little more than lip service from the gang of thieves presently in power. Child pornography doesn't play well with the populace.

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cookie8(zone 5 ON)

No, he would be Conservative and is closely tied to the party as he was the Advisor to our Prime Minister. And that said, I won't be made to imply now that Conservatives are child molestors (but this given Conservative made a very disturbing comment) and given his close ties to the party it will have to affect them. Also, with what has been happening in the Senate and now this, how do you not question the Conservative Party and it's integrity.

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cookie8(zone 5 ON)

"integrity" or lack of.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Tom Flanagan is a conservative - an American imported into Canada

How about some reciprocity, O Canada.

Do you have a few progressives to spare that you could export to your southern neighbor? We need someone to teach our lackluster liberals a thing or two.

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Problem is that the liberals get tired so easily here - the outrage fatigue. We need an influx of more than a few.

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This is not a liberal/conservative issue in the least.

It's one of pedophilia and child abuse! It's a legal issue, a mental issue... but not a political issue.

The only dot connecting it to politics is the man's former job!

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If I may..... I think what Cookie is saying in her title is that jerks like this in the Conservative Party hierarchy drive Conservatives to the Liberal Party.

As far as sending you some liberals......they wouldn't move south..it's that health care thing :-)

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Are you kidding. You can't swing a dead cat down here without hitting a Canadian. :-)

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.....but for no more than 183 days of a year each JZ ' cause that's the out of country residency requirement that secures ones Canadian health care benefits.

Mind you 183 days it's just enough time to get me home before it gets too darn hot here :-) :-) :-)

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Well, we sent you David Frum. Nyah, nyah.
Frum was the son of a prominent Conservative broadcaster here and was annointed a Conservative pundit at a very early age. We were force fed his views by every newspaper, magazine and television broadcasting company in Canada. He is very good at taking the pulse of the times and I notice he has liberalized his views somewhat lately, even daring to criticize, though softly, the Republican Party.
And we received Elizabeth May, head of the Green Party from you. She was born American. I'm not sure I would call her a liberal, or a Liberal - she's way better than that. Her work on behalf of the Green Party has been very impressive.

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david52 Zone 6

Conservative used to mean 'conserving' things like the national forests and national parks, setting aside wilderness, hunting and fishing limits to preserve the game, outfits like Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, the NRA (back then).

Now its nothing more than a fairly obvious attempt to turn the country back to where it was before the true, original "conservation movement" went on, the 1880's, that era of robber barons, the go-go, no restrictions, no regulations, go git it while ya can, the devil take the hind.

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Canada was once viewed by Americans through the lens of two of the original 6 NHL Hockey franchises, Canada Dry ginger ale, and as a place to avoid the Draft during the Vietnam War (at least for those who did not have the resources or connections that George Bush or Mitt Romney had).
Now Canada is the new frontier for oil companies to exploit. Indeed, Canada has become our largest source of "foreign" oil.

We seldom here much about this from Canadian posters here, despite the issue having been raised numerous times.

Just a few short years ago Canadian National and Enbridge purchased railways and bridges and easements that they use to inject all kind of products into our country, but mainly the tar sand sludge. Now , since that "foreign oil" does not come from the MidEast, Conservatives here are all for it and do not consider it to be foreign oil. The Drill baby drillers are now pipe baby pipers and rail baby railers. Who cares about the price, the trade imbalance or the environmental impact both here and in Canada?

It seems like Harper is pushing hard for the KXL and that he believes, like many Evangelicals do, that only God can destroy Earth and call for the end times. Man has no impact on the environment and cannot change the Divine equation for the end times, no matter how foolish we are in abusing the planet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Understanding Harper's Evangelical Mission

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It's hard to know what Harper actually believes. But the Canadian Conservative Party, which he heads, seems to be an amalgam of big oil and neo-fascism, if I can call it that. Millions of Canadians are against the selling of our oil at the lowest price and the environmental destruction taking place. To a large extent, they have been silenced.
And here, it is the same as in the U.S, - the word "conservative" has been taken over and redefined by the right wing When I first started reading these forums, I always had to translate between the Canadian meanings of Conservative and Liberal (the names of the two major parties), the words conservative and liberal as we used them to denote those values, and the words as used by Americans.

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