windmill palms in burlington N.J.

steveotreeNovember 22, 2009

I grow windmill palms in burlington is there any one else growing them or want to trade them

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Currently have three planted in the ground--this will be their third winter in the NYC/NJ metro area.--They're getting big.

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I have windmills and other palms outdoors in Willingboro. Email me if you want to see them, as well as nearby public plantings of palms.

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do you guys cover them or are they just on a south facing wall? im thinking about trying some here

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I grow needles in the open with just mulch over winter, although a wall is ideal. Sabal minor will grow, flower, and set seed in the open, but does better on a S or SE wall. Sabal louisiana thrives on a sheltered S or SE wall. I protect Trachycarpus in my yard, although this only necessary in bitter weather(below 10), given a sheltered spot. The trachys on public property have sailed through multiple winters with just a mulch mound over winter while trunks are small. Actually, the mulch mound can be applied in December after voles have found harborage, and it benefits any young palm outdoors over winter. I have more seedlings of trachys, minors, and louisianas than I know what to do with!

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I have mine (numbering three so far--about four feet tall now) planted near the south side of the house.--(Not on top of the house as I do fully expect them to eventually get big.--Made that mistake already once with a Magnolia grandiflora that was eventually removed after growing past the second story and into the house!--Hopefully these palms have more vertical expanse and less horizontal!) I protected them all the first two winters with frost cloth (and one with X-mas lights as well).--I leave the leaves uncovered--covering only the trunks. But I often wonder if it is actually better not to cover with the so-called "frost blanket". Why? Because the blankets are white and I would think that they would absorb less heat than those fibrous brown trunks, then there's the concern of trapping moisture near the trees. Regardless of how I do or did not attempt to protect them, they all pull out of the winter with some degree of leaf damage but they're also showing signs of active growth by early March if not earlier. Just don't start with a seeding. Grow them on for a few years, let them build up some bulk then attempt planting--should not be a problem in a zone 7 (nor 6b if protected some). PS. I live in the immediate NJ/NYC metro area.

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Also, I also have a few Sabal species (louisiana, palmetto, and mexicana), needles (Raphidophyllum) and Butia capitata that are outgrowing their containers and eventually may be going into the ground.

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This windmill here at the shore began as a seedling. In ground almost 10 yrs now. Covered twice last Winter merely to protect it from some heavy wet snow. Otherwise, it gets very little protection. As a reference, the trunk is now 4 feet tall.

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Nice Choisya! Sundance! I had a plant I picked up from a trip to Napa California , It grew about 4'x 4' too big for the spot and I tried moving it but lost way too much soil from the meager root system and lost it, but took cuttings and now have them in better locations. How old is the plant in the picture?

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The Choisya ternata 'Sundance' in the pic is about 3 years old. I have the green and 'Sundance' in my garden and they're at least 10 years old. The foliage bleaches in the single digits if exposed to wind. They bear fragrant flowers. THe green form flowers profusely in spring and lightly in fall.

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I have many windmill palms in central NJ. Been doing this for years and they love our climate. Let me know if you are

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