New Garden plans- newbie questions

ladybirdloveNovember 22, 2009

I just created a garden plan, including 3 raised 4x8 beds for veggies and herbs, and a few trellises for beans and such. The area of yard I'm using for the garden gets full sun, but has poor drainage. I have a few questions.

1- Should I construct the beds now and start prepping the soil with mulch, or do I not need to do that because the soil will be fresh from the garden center? Should I just wait till I'm ready to plant in April?

2- Should I put some kind of stone under the soil in the beds to imrove drainage?

Thanks all :)

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You have a raised bed so you won't need stones. In fact, having that moisture reserve may be beneficial during hot, dry weather. Mulched soil stays cold longer in spring,so mulch when weather turns warm or hot.

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