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hostahostaAugust 1, 2012

You all are definitely enabling me. Before I joined this forum, I never ordered a plant on-line, let alone knew about a hosta auction! Well, I placed and received my first bid. You may have created a monster.

Partially unwrapped. Had no idea what to expect as to packing and condition of plants that had been mailed.

Now soaking the roots

Golden Meadows in the garden

Neptune, all planted up.

Wow, ordering on line opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Yes, I am a hostaholic.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Very nice plants, Barb. Can you tell us who the seller was? I love it when they include the scape on a plant like Neptune. Wait til you see the AHS auction.


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These are from Naylor Creek. I was amazed to see a scape on Neptune.

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Yeah, I could recognize the wrapping/packaging technique as the Naylor Boyz. Seen many a one wrapped that way.

And I too love the scapes on them, they take great care to get such a tall scape in the box and on your doorstep without damage, don't they.

In my last few orders all mailorder delivered, I've had many many short scapes from all sellers, and now even more appearing on those same new arrivals just a week later. I took great care to place them in good locations, and we've had mucho rainfall, but absolutely tropical heat and humidity. If those plants from Michigan and Illinois and Vermont and New Hampshire are not in shock, they must think they are back in China along the Yangtze River somewhere.

Your Golden Meadows is superb looking, Barb. Makes me want another one. So glad that hosta are not BABIES. More than one at a time is fine! :)

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Your plants look really good. Neptune is one I would like to have someday. I love the ruffled edged ones.


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