Opinions on renaming/expanding desert forums???

loganladyJanuary 26, 2013

Would you be interested in having two separate desert gardening forums? We need your opinions on this. There would only be a High Desert Forum and a separate Low Desert Forum.

We want to ask GW to rename & expand the old forums. This would be the other forums (ex: Southwest & Xeric, Arizona, Nevada, Utah).

Please let us know what you think on this posting or the posting in the Arizona forum.


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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Back when this Nevada forum was created I pleaded with management to open a Great Basin forum for most of Nevada, a big chunk of Utah. The Great Basin drains bits of several surrounding states too, perhaps. The Great Basin is unique whereas Clark County really looks like Arizona or California, doesn't it?

The short story. Management rejected my Great Basin idea.

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I hear you that GW should create for us high desert gardeners. I used to live in Pahrump, NV. years ago and actually got GW to start the Nevada forum!!! Nevada also has the high/low desert issues...just like AZ, Utah, Ca, NM too. People think because it's a desert that nothing grows there and it is hot all of the time. Not so. But I am hoping to change GW's ideas on this and get a new forum site just for us. Maybe just maybe we will get one this time??? Keep posting!!! The more "we" post the better our chances are to get something done.

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Most people do not realize that a cold desert even exists. Being in Winnemucca, we are most definely in the high/low mix.Very cold winters giving us a zone 5 rating but with summers that can be 110 or more at times.

I have been an avid gardener all of my life and this has been the most challenging place that I have ever tried to grow in. I have had to rethink and experiment with so many of the basics that I have planted for years on end just to figure out how to make it happy here.
It can be done, we can grow beautifully here but it takes determination and experimentation along with any very much appreciated advise from those that have gardened here for years.

I would love to see more post from those that live here. I have been here in Winnemucca for almost 3 years now and so far have found very few in my area that can offer advice or experiance that I can learn from.

This is my forever home and I have so much planned for gardens and such that Any help or insight is always welcomed.

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Good Morning!

Unfortunately GardenWeb chose to keep forums as they had them. So we still have to look around at the different topics to try and find anyone who understands our kind of gardening.

FYI: I used to live in Pahrump, NV in 2006-08 before we moved to Chino Valley, Arizona (7b). Before that I lived in So. Calif...quite a huge change in garden zones. Pahrump was 8a. I learned how to grow with help of a gardener/landscaper...I had some beautiful raised beds for a vegetable garden...learned how to use the sun/shade...it wasn't easy. Trial and errors over and over learning what grows and won't. Do you have a gardening center nearby you can get help with?

You must have fun with a zone 5 and hot, hot summers. I agree with you about people not knowing that cold deserts even exist. I found that out when we were in Pahrump.

I hope you find someone locally on this Nevada forum to help you. If you like I wouldn't mind exchanging ideas,etc. I also got my parents green thumb that helps me garden but I am still learning and experimenting..and it's challenging to say the least.

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We have no garden centers at all . The closest to us is Elko or Reno, 130 someting oneway 160 something the other. I would be glad to exchange info or ideas and my email is listed . I have discovered that my biggest challenge here is the winds and that is something we are working on now. There will be short evergreen windblocks planted around the fenced gardens and the ultimate goal is a full perimiter windblock of the property.
That one however will not happen quickly. It is very physically demanding and expensive to plant a full perimiter windblock around 82 acres. We will be going about it slowly and plan on it taking a long time. Starting on the sides that are the direction of our predominent winds and going on from there. Guess it is a good thing that I love the garden challenges as much as I love the gardens. I think many ( and know a few) would have given up by now.


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I hate the way GW has the forums set up, split into too many little ones. Wonderful, useful site, that it way too kludgy to use. Think of all the wonderful discussions GWers could have if they just consolidated, and you could see the latest posts in all the forums.

I go to the "Southwest" forum, because that's the one that seems most applicable to me, living in El Paso. But no one is ever there, so I crash the Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and others.

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