Easy veggies/fruits in Las Vegas??

naturalmommys(9)January 19, 2011

I have 2 self watering Earthboxes I would like to fill up with fruits and veggies. I also plan to get 2 more. Last year I got a late start and it was my first year. I ran out bought too much, didn't get the right stuff, bad soil, had no idea what I was doing, etc etc, it was a disaster! Everything eventually died. I don't want to make those mistakes this time around. I hear EB's are great for no gardening experience. Anyway its February and I wonder what seedlings I can start and when? I also would like to know what is really easy to grow. I would like tomatoes and strawberries for sure, would these work now, or too early? Is there some kind of resource list on what to plant here in Vegas at what month?

Thanks so much!


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Christina, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you want "easy veggies/fruits in LV" you'll have to buy them :)

But seriously, there are some fantastic resource available here in Las Vegas.

For fruit trees UNCE (University of Nevada Cooperative Extension). Contact Bob Morris & he'll send you the list of trees recomended by UNCE. They have a test orchard out in the north end of town that has been testing for several years.

The Tomato Lady here in town also has a lot of Info.
You'll have to find her on your own as the link I posted for her generated a spam alert.

Have Fun,


Here is a link that might be useful: UNCE

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mojoraven(z8 Vegas)

Check out the blog HomespunSprout.com (I think that's the site.) Lindsey has managed to grow things year round here. She also has a free gardening class at a place called Pinkpeas.

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