when to plant and harvest based on average frost

new_gardener32March 26, 2013

I'm at 45 N latitude. I was just looking at the average frost dates. It was about late April to mid-May for spring and mid to late September to early October in the fall. Should I plant and harvest right before or after these dates, or when do you plant and harvest?

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You didn't say what you are planting. We live in zone 3> and have slightly less frost free time than you. Our frost time is late May to early June and frost sometimes in September.

In the garden we plant things like peas, lettuce, onions, and cabbage which will withstand a couple of degrees of frost starting about the 24th of May. A week later we plant the garden seeds--beans corn and such. Since it will take about 2 weeks for them to come up it will be past the frost date. Cukes and squash and tender plants go in as seed the next week. Tomatoes and peppers and anything that goes in as plants go in the second week of June.

For flowers I plant the frost hardy ones like petunias, snaps geraniums and a few others when we plant the cukes.
And the rest are planted according to how frost hardy they are.

I buy garden seeds that have a short maturity date and usually by the time fall comes most have been picked and canned or frozen but there are a few things still in the garden that have to be protected.

I find row covers to be an asset in spring and fall for those unexpected frosts. What doesn't get covered with an unexpected frost gets sprayed with the hose early in the morning before the sun hits it. This has saved many a plant in my garden. The water thaws the plant. It is the frozen being hit by the sun that bursts the insides of a plant.

Hope this helps

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