Spring is here!!! What's happening in yours?

loganladyFebruary 18, 2007

Well, I don't know about you but I am seeing signs of spring happening in my gardens!!!!

My bulbs are popping up (crocus is blooming already), roses are getting their leaves,etc...it is so nice seeing some green in my gardens again!! Time to feed my roses and the fruit trees too. I've got romaine and spinach almost ready to pick too.

Now I have lots of things to do out there...I know it's still early but I am happy things are turning green...how about your gardens??


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bill_southerncal(10 So.Cal)

A few things:

Replacing the plants killed by the Vegas Winter! Several of the landscaped plants were killed by the frost so I replaced them. This also includes the potted bouganveillas, arabian jasmine, and orchid. I'm not done - the Hibiscus and gardenia will be next. I also planted a grape tomato and Bonnie's Best seedling into a large pot, and trimmed the rose bush. We also sprayed that liquid Miracle Grow everywhere, including the lawn. All this was done this past weekend. A contracted gardener will water every week starting in March.

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

I wouldn't call it *spring* in Northern Nevada just yet, but I do have a few early crocuses, a couple of snowdrops and a few Iris reticulata and one brave Iris danfordiae blooming. There are also lots of little green sproutlings. It's a start.


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beaver007(5B NE)

Oh Beca you make me so jealous, Spring bulbs a popping and feeding your fruit trees, I know I have awhile before I can say that, Heck right now I am just as happy as a jay bird the day time temps finally hit the upper 30s. Since the last time I posted in this forum our highs have been around 5 to -5 degrees, (I asked for snow who's the joker that sent me the arctic blast), Last night we got hit with ICE and not the amount of snow we were supposed to get 12+ inches we only got about an inch of snow and the weather peoples are saying we going to be in the mid thirties to 40+ degrees this week WEEEE a heat wave.
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel the gardening mags started flowing in this week.
Beca since you were so good to me a while back with the snow can I bother you to mail me some warmth, That arctic blast and for that long is not normal for us, Cross my fingers I did a good enough job protecting my palms its a good thing I whimped out in the fall and dug almost everything up no way I could have seen a cold snap like that comming, I can deal with meally bugs and white flys easier than I can the arctic cold.
OK I just had an idea every time you NV gardeners go outside to do something in your yards think of me and wish me warmth (POWER OF THE MIND) yea I know i'm a dork.
While I wait for you peoples to send me some warmth I will sit here and continue to drool in my gardening mags and think and of you lucky people playing in you yards.

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Hi Becca,
You mentioned feeding your roses now in Feb. We have a couple of tremendous climbing roses on the south side of a house in Fernley. When should I prune them?
Thanks! Seacliffsand

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Hi all!

Hi Bill-it isn't any fun replacing plants in our landscaping because of this freeze we had. I still have a few to replace....I'm waiting for a warmer day to do it though BUT I still need to buy the plants first (LOL).
That would help, huh?

Beaver: Here IT is...coming around the corner..... The Power of the Mind is coming.......WARMTH WARMTH WARMTH WARMTH WARMTH!!!!!!
Do ya feel it??? You got what you asked for before (lots of snow!!!) and now you're asking for "more" (Geez-LOL). We felt the same as you waiting for some warmer weather (I know..we don't have it as cold as you do) AND we finally got them. It was in the high 59 today...are ya jealous? Hehehehe....a heatwave for sure. Well, we are getting cooler weather again. :( I know we won't have any snow or ice and believe me-I am very glad of that. You can have it all. I don't think you are a dork. Funny saying though-I used to use that word a lot too hahaha. Soooooo here you go-enjoy it!!!

I have been outside but not really working in my yard lately because of the winds blowing cold. I do see some pansies blooming now they look really beautiful which makes me happy. My tulips are growing taller each day. I had crocus bloom already. I have some daffodills coming up too. I did go to a nursery and bought some flowers a few days ago. Planted some and am waiting to finish planting them after these winds go away.
(No drooling now-you'll be out there working soon enough)

Seacliffsand: I don't have climbing roses but I do know there is a special way of pruning them. Lisa, do you know it?
I would call a local nursery for the how to on doing it asap. Not sure where you are but Plant World and Star Nursery in Las Vegas are great with advise on everything. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


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Hello Beca and everyone,

This is such a great time of year when it starts warming up and things start growing. Every day is spent anticipating what will be coming out of dormancy next. This pic is of our eupohorbia that is always amongst the first to bloom. Love those chartreuse flower bracts.

Bill we had a lot of damage to our yard to. The cassias are normally stunning this time of year and they look half dead, did I say half, the phyllodena may be completely gone. Well it gives us a chance to replace things with hardier stuff.

We got our mail order plants from high country and the babies are planted. They sure are small but there stuff always grows so quickly that I'm not worried about it. On the vegetable garden front we are at a standstill until the 35 year old Salt Cedar stump comes out. Cutting that beast down was some work but the stump is even worse. Good thing we have a couple of teenage boys around to keep out of trouble with yard work.

Oh, seacliffsand, I know Fernly is colder that we are here but I would think now would be a great time to get in there and prune those climbing roses before they leaf out. Just wear some thick gloves!

Happy Gardening, Maria

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So can I trim those climbing roses in Fernley pretty aggressively or is there a method to it? They are growing against the south side of the house and by the time summer comes they have fallen over onto the lawn. Makes mowing a pain. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I looked up climbing roses for ya and here is what I read:

Climbing roses are better for light pruning. Don't prune them too much...generally they don't need to be pruned other then for shape and to get rid of any dead & spindly branches.
To encourage more growth & blooms make sure they get enough sunshine and top dress them with manure or compost and a slow release grandular fertilizer for roses.

Good Luck!!!!


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Hi Beca,
Thanks for checking on the proper pruning of climbers for me! These particular roses are beautiful so I'm glad to hear what you have to say.
Thanks again!

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Hey, seacliffsand- Your very welcome!!

I couldn't remember how to prune climbers either...so I just goggled pruning climber roses and lots of info popped up to show just how to do them.

I'm always willing to help out a fellow gardner.


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beaver007(5B NE)

Over the past week we have had a really bad ice storm a couple days after that we had blizzard conditions for three days, Feb 28th, Mar 1st and second we had winds of 50 + mph, white out conditions and well over a foot of snow.
Now today it's almost 50 degrees and it's supposed to be in the 50s and 60s all week.((((creepy isnt it))))
Their must have been some magic in that old top hat they found and when they placed it on the tumble weed snow mans head he began to pass out wishes, Or something like that.
Thank you Nevada gardeners for letting me invade your warm space while I froze this winter your pictures and writings really made it go by pretty quick.
Two and a half weeks and I will be in Pahrump, Hope to see some green this time...
P.S Beca I dont really know what our plans are but maybe I can shoot you an E-mail about meeting up on either the 22 0r 23rd.
And thanks Mohavemaria for the picture of GREEN plants..

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Hey Beaver: You asked for it so you got it (50 degree weather). We are at 70 today and should be 70-80 all week long. Don't bring us any snow when you visit Pahrump in a few weeks. LOL. I've been outside working in the sunroom and container plants outside too. Hubby has been re-doing the drip system too. Soon that'll be back watering daily with the coming heat. Anyway...if you get the chance to come by "cool"...it would be nice to put a face with a name. The book I mentioned is wonderful!!!


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