NH Plant Swap

annie_nh(z4/5 NH)March 18, 2012

I just saw that Connecticut is already talking about plant swaps. My computer is ready to hit the dust any day now so just wanted you to know that I plan to have our NH swap( you don't have to be from NH) the first Sunday in June

I have ordered a new computer but it won't be here until April and then I will need at least a week to figure out how to use it(.I am a slow learner)

Hopefully I will be able to start posting messages in May.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.Have kept in touch with many of you.

also I am on Facebook and have posted pictures of our past swaps.


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whitegarden(Z5 MA)

I will never miss one of your swaps again! Do you want someone to take over communication with the forum? You can private message me your phone number and I can act as go-between if you would like Annie.

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I saw your FB posting and came over here to see if you'd posted a date. I'm going to try very hard this year to make it. I always want to but life has just seemed to get in the way . . . work, elderly parents needing help, etc.

I really appreciate your continuity in organizing the NH swap. Thanks!

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Hi Annie!

I will be there with my plants and something for the food table.

Whitegarden..I told you!! LOL


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whitegarden(Z5 MA)

Hi Lisa! Looking forward to seeing you!

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I have the NH swap on my calendar. Looking forward to it as usual. I will bring plenty of plants to trade, and gift, as well as bring a dessert for the pot luck. Have fun with your new computer.


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Blake, maybe someday I will remember to send you the calendula seeds I promised.
Annie, hope to make the swap. It's on my calendar and I've reminded my friend Sue. I'll decide later what to bring for the potluck.
nhbabs, looking forward to meeting you, another "northerner". It's also a nice time to visit Uncanoonuc Perennials.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Hi Everyone! Happy Spring! Looking forward to the swap!

Blake, I'm going to start calendula for you and it should be ready (fingers crossed) by the swap.

Is anyone interested in seeds? Or just plants?

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Hi thyme2dig,

That would be grand, thank you !


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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Well I have my new computer but still learning all the bells and whistles.
Still too early to get serious about what every one is bringing. Will start a new post the beginning of May where we can all start posting what we are bringing and what we are looking for.
Looks like my magnolia which had formed buds before the last cold spell survived and will probably flower by Easter.
Quite a few plants in my garden are peeping through the

soil including monkshood, iris, and primroses.

I have started all sorts of flowers inside including hibiscus, brugs, daturas and several annuals. I also have loads of tomatoes started.
Hopefully I will be able to offer several of these at the plant swap .
Guess that is all for now

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Hi everyone!!! Annie so glad your having the swap again! As usual the first Sunday is my bird clubs last meeting for the year and thats our big cookout and I've already told everyone I won't be there if Annies having the plant swap! They think I'm crazy to pass up the cookout so I tell them, Yes! but we have great food at Annies!
It's so nice to walk around the yard every morning and see whats peeking up out of the ground. Annie I potted up the yellow hibiscus seeds that I collected from the plant you gave me last year hope they come.
Looking forward to seeing you all again. Kathie

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi kathie

I am so glad you are coming but am sorry you are going to miss the bird club cookout. Next year I'll pick the last Sunday in May or the second one in June.Just give me an email in March to remind me.

I have a lot of yellow hibiscus started so if yours don't sprout I'll give you a plant or 2.

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whitegarden(Z5 MA)

Does anyone have any hellebores or white liatris to spare?

How about hakonechloa "all gold" or black mondo grass? Am planning to cover some ground when the new barn is done!

Also, should I be seeing coronaria seedlings yet? I scattered seeds from ericofwebster last year and am just wondering if they took.

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I might have some white liatris....if mine made it. My lychnis is up a few inches already...I don't think I have any white to share though.


I will have some self sown deep rose colored hellebore seedlings..

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whitegarden(Z5 MA)

Sounds good Lisa, thanks!

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi Whitegarden

Are hellebores those plants that bloom when there is still snow on the ground? If so I have one which is quite large. Remind me the day of the swap and maybe we can divide it.

Looks like we are in for a warm spell. I'm going to plant peas and poppy seeds outside this week and maybe put up my little plastic greenhouse and put a couple of trays of seedlings in it to harden off. I've got so many things started that I can afford to lose a few if it turns real cold
My peonies, oriental poppies and monkshood are already up in my garden
I love Spring


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whitegarden(Z5 MA)

Yes, that's them Annie. That would be great. I have to make sure that I don't bring all the best stuff to CT. I am trying to attend both swaps this year. Keeping it stright is going to be a challenge! LOL!!!

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scpearson(5 NE CT)

Hello everyone!
Just the post I was looking for. My youngest daughter is a new homeowner. Spent yesterday dividing 2 giant hostas into 12 good size plants and replanting them for her. They should do well with the 2 days of rain we are getting now. She has an odd slope that she is hoping to plant multiple colors of phlox. If anyone has any they are dividing or digging up, Greta will be so happy to give them a good home, so please keep us in mind. She may come along with me this year. I am only just starting some of my seeds... but my yard is in great shape already. I have no experience with planting bleeding heart seeds, but last year I collected the seeds and planted them in the ground recently. Anyone have any experience and advice?
Susan in CT

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi Susan

So glad you are planning on coming to the swap.I should have plenty of phlox to give you. It seems to love my garden and spreads all over the place. Usually it is either pink or white with pink spots. With this strange weather we are having it should be in blossom by the end of May so will dig some up of various colors.

Next week I will start a new post so that everyone can start listing what they will bringing and what they are looking for.
What an unusual Spring we are having.I'm just hoping we don't get any frosts to damage all the plants that are peeping thru ahead of schedule.

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Hi Annie,

Let's talk about food! (the heck with plants, LOL)

I took some cooking classes this year, so I will bring either Vietnamese Spring Rolls with ginger dipping sauce or
Texas Caviar (a kind of black bean, red pepper, corn and cilantro mix with dressing) with scoops. Both yummy.

Oh yeah, and I'll be bringing a bunch of Primula Japonica, Miller's Crimson. I've got a bunch of new babies.

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi Deb
Both those dishes sound delicious.Did the Centhrus Ruba( red verlairian ) survive that I gave you? If not I have started some more and this time they are more established as I started them earlier. The hydrangea that you gave me survived the winter and is looking very good

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singleton165(z5 NH Seacoast)

I would love to join in this year! I haven't been gardening for a couple of years, but am getting back into it this spring. Probably the only thing I have to offer is Hosta...and food! I'll keep an eye out for your post.

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi Tara
So glad you want to join us.We will look forward to meeting you

Wow I just took a look at the forecast. Looks like we have about 3 nights of frost ahead of us

I have quite a few seedlings and plants out on the porch hardening off. Guess I will have to truck them all back into my sun room
In my garden my clematis is full of buds. Hope they and my peonies survive.


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scpearson(5 NE CT)

Hello Annie,
Any phlox you have to spare will be so gratefully received by Greta. She is just starting out as a new young homeowner with a good size property. I want you to know how delighted she will be.
I just planted a whole flat of MONEY! I bought the seeds online... its called Money plant - very pretty translucent white coin type of blossoms. If they do well, I'll bring some of the "Money" along to share. I like the idea of "planting money" as much as I like the plant itself! My peas are in too, Annie. Planted 5 rosebushes at my Mom's house in New Bedford (MA) yesterday. Moved my blueberry bushes out of the vegetable garden - am getting greedy about my precious vegetable space.
Last year someone gave me a little baby wisteria cutting at your swap. I am so excited to report it has happily made it through the winter, is about 10" high and sending out leaves.
Will keep checking in now and then.
Susan from CT

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will escape the frost tonight.
I will start a new post on Tuesday where we can get serious about our Plant swap which will be the first Sunday in June

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Hi Susan in CT:
Its not leaves you will have to worry about with wisteria.... My Chinese Wisteria gave me NOTHING but leaves for 24 years. I finally broke down and cut it down last year at the root! I was so happy when it didn't come back (like some plants do - "prune to bloom", etc. I HAD FINALLY HAD IT! Took me long enough, huh? But maybe you will be lucky and actually get some blooms. I'm sure you will get lots and lots of plantings for Greta. Tell her to take her time and not to put things in that she will only regret later (like unamed daylillies). I put them in a spot only to realize that they are almost impossible to get rid of. I think you have to cover them with a carpet for 6 years! LOL Make sure she takes plenty of before photos. They will be a joy to look at later when there are actual plantings around. You can see all the work you did, which sometimes you forget about.... See you at the swap.

Annie, can't you throw an old quilt over your seedlings to keep them from frost? A lot less work than dragging them in. I'm so glad your hydrangea survived and is looking well. I have gotten several plants from that one bush. I don't see any red valerian coming up, but it is early yet, so keep me in mind for a seedling or two. I'm looking for a sprouted brug if you've got one with my name on it... How are those seedlings doing?

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi Deb

I did put blankets over the plants on the porch. the weather looks pretty good for now on so as soon as they harden off I'm going to begin planting.

I have several sprouted brugs so will definitely let you have one of those. I'm debating whether to get rid of one of my regular brugs ( the ones that are now about 5 ft or more tall and in my cellar. I'm waiting for my son to come down and lug them up the stairs.

Time to start a new post.I think I will call it NH Swap Part 2.
So everyone please respond to that post from now on. You can start telling what you are bringing and what you are looking for.

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