Free Oranametal Grass - Maybe

drahmeFebruary 23, 2007

Well, I started doing some trimming earlier in the month and transplanted about six plugs started from the established grasses:

These grasses I still haven't exactly identified, other than they were from a Walmart sale some years ago where I got three for ten dollars. They are not exactly a Pampas grass (or maybe they are), but they do do well.

At any rate, I only can only use one of them and if some of the the other starts survive, you are welcome to them.

They are drought tolerant and Northern Nevada tolerant.


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Hello dRahme,

I'd love to have some if I was in your part of the state. I love ornamental grasses and have a dwarf pampas grass, Pumila, that I am very fond of. Hopefully you got some takers from up north.


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Thank You!. That's exactly what I have - never have been able to put a name to it. I did a search on that and came up with: Cortaderia selloana ÂPumila Dwarf Pampas Grass.

Mystery solved.

Thanks again, Dan.

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