problem with sprinkler system

pandorathecat(zone 9a NV)February 19, 2007

I don't know what's wrong with my water sprinkler system. Ever since the freezing temps about a month ago, my sprinkler hasn't been working properly. I have 2 stations: one in the front and one in the back. The back gets watered first, then the front.

Every time I turn on the sprinkler, the back station doesn't turn off after the programmed 15 minutes. Turning the sprinkler control panel to *off* doesn't shut off the water. It'll keep flowing. I have to turn the water off at the *inlet shut off valve*.

The front has to be watered manually with a hose because the system won't shut off in the back so that the front could start. The sprinkler company is going to come to my house in 2 weeks. In the meantime, I would like to try to diagnose this myself before the service call. I plan to have the water running so that the service person can see for himself/herself that the water flows endlessly in the back station unless it's shut off manually.

I was wondering what can cause the control panel to be overridden. I suspect that the freezing temps had something to do with it. Can anyone offer any help or thoughts? Thanks.

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Hello Pandora(?),

We had a similar problem although I don't know if they are from the same cause. We have a control box but I don't use it as with no lawn and drought tolerant stuff we are able to water infrequently so I just turn it on when it seems time.

Our drip system started to refuse to shut of when I tightened up the bleeder valve which is supposed to stop the water flow. I had to manually turn it off at the shutoff valve to get the sprinkler valve to trip. By the next day I could put the shutoff back to on and if would stay off. This got old and so we replaced the sprinkler valve and that worked for a time but I'm back to having to use the shutoff valve. Fortunately it is close to the sprinkler box.

Could the sprinkler valve be your problem?


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pandorathecat(zone 9a NV)

Thanks Maria for your help.

I thought the problem was going to be complicated and it got me worried. Thankfully the sprinkler guy figured it out. It was actually quite simple. There is another valve inside the ground on the side of my house that was supposed to be turned off. By having this value turned off, it trips the panel control. The sprinkler system now works fine and according to schedule. Because of the hapless mishap, all I have to do is replace some dead plants on the front of my house that have been water starved.

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