Cornus Cardinal

diggerdee zone 6 CTMarch 21, 2014

Any experience with this dogwood? I'm a little disappointed in my Ivory Halos, and this caught my eye. My biggest concern is suckering.

Comments, experience, thoughts?


Here is a link that might be useful: cardinal at Bluestone

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I don't grow this cultivar, but was looking at it also. Below I've linked a thread I found that references suckering for Cardinal.

Dogwoods by Cappiello and Shadow says "has brilliant red winter stems but is otherwise typical for the species. . . . In the southern part of its range (z. 7 & 8) winter stem color is more of a yellow-orange than the brilliant reds seen in northern landscapes. (It originated in MN.) About the species in general they say, "The suckering habit makes it a bit tough to use this dogwood in smaller scale landscapes."

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: brightest red twigged dogwood thread

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Thanks babs. That last sentence may be all I need to make a decision! And thanks for that link. I considered posting this question on the shrub forum, but don't usually post there; thought I would start here with folks I know, lol.


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ctlady_gw(z6 CT)

Dee -- I pulled almost all my 'Cardinals' out last year for several reasons: first, I was always disappointed with the color. It was always much more muted and closer to orange, not the deep flaming red I'd wanted. But more importantly: the SAWFLIES! OMG! Every summer those redtwigs were stripped bare in the course of a few weeks. I ended up spending hours plucking off curled up sawfly caterpillars. It just wasn't worth it (plus I had read to be careful planting too near one's house if one has clapboard because they will climb up under the clapboards). So I ripped them out. I don't miss them a bit!

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Thanks Marty. I think between your post, babs' post and the link she gave, maybe I'll pass on this one, or at the very least, put them in the patch of woods I have. But I think for the purpose I wanted them for, I'll look around for something else. Too bad - the photos and the descriptions were awfully tempting....


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