Who's here in 2012?

ABQ_Bob(USDA 5a/SS 2A)March 21, 2012

In some of the other forums I participate in, they do an annual "roll call" to see whose still around this year, and who might be new to the area. I'm new to Nevada (moved to Vegas last May), but I've been a long-time GW participant (since 2001 - can't believe it's been over 10 years!) - the abq stands for Albuquerque, as that's where I was living at the time I registered.

Anyways, just was curious to see who's still kicking about :)

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I've been here almost daily since 2006. However I rarely contribute anything.

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I am new to both GW and Nevada. Don't check here often since so few post. Here in Winnemucca for 20 months now and love it. Wanted to be here a long time ago but life got in the way.Lol

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I'm not new to GW, but just ran across this forum, I'm in Reno NV and have lived here about 12 years, I'm a native of Northern California and still reminisce about how easy it was to grow almost anything there =)

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themayocynic(NV Z5)

I took last year "off" from this forum, but I hope to be back somewhat regularly this year. I live in Reno.

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Late posting, but I'm here today :) Washoe County. This year the only edibles I have are chives (a MUST to sit around the pond), beets, bush beans, summer squash, cucumbers and tomatoes.

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JennyCowart(Las Vegas)

It looks like I'm a bit late to the party, but here! I have lived in Las Vegas all my life and only joined GardenWeb this month.

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I'm originally from Northern California and moved to Northern Nevada (downtown Minden) from Santa Barbara 12 years ago. The more I work on my garden here the more I realize how little I know about gardening! Help! :)

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julius1944(z5 OH)

I've been on GW for years but mostly just read. A lifetime resident of OH, we moved to Henderson, NV in March of 2012. Gardening here is a challenge, but a great new learning experience! Next year will be different :)

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desertgirl702(USDA 9a)

Hi and welcome to the desert anyone that just moved here recently! I have lived in Henderson/Las Vegas for 20+ years, but I just became addicted to gardening about a year ago. I have learned so much in these forums and I think it would be great to get input from people dealing with the same crazy growing conditions.

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better very late than never,even if it's already 2013..

was wondering if anyone in las vegas has experience with jujubes, black mulberries and gerardi dwarf mulberries.

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