OK...where is everyone??????

loganladyMarch 18, 2007

Am I the only one in the Nevada forum? I am assuming most are busy working outside in their gardens....well? Come out, come out...wherever you are??? LOL


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I'm here !! Off to work tomorrow .. I'll be gardening all week ... finishing up a turf reduction project that includes a Netafin sub surface drip line system. After the work week is finished it's back to my home renovation project.

Good Day ...

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

I was out working in the garden. Reconnecting, repairing, checking hoses and replacing the pond pump. Also doing initial winter damage assessments, although they don't mean much this early on. Next weekend I'm going to buy spring annuals for my containers and assorted bare spots and plant them. And maybe muck out the pond. I always have a longer list than I have time or energy to complete.


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Yeah...I knew someone would pop in!!! I apologize to the mohave kid...I knew you were here. I swear at times the projects never end, do they? Hasn't the weather been wonderful?
Lisa, I just bought more annuals,etc today too so my list of things to do just got longer too. LOL. We went into Las Vegas today. Maria, I showed Dan the CCU Gardens (they were closed). We hit up the Lowe's there. Bought stuff to make shade covers for the vegetable beds,etc and some other projects. Got some info from another GardenWeb friend on how he did his covers. Sounded good to us so we are doing it the same way.

I wonder where Bill has been?


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Beca, my nephew lives in Parump--I keep checking this Forum to see if he's joined up yet. So far, no dice. He's a newlywed newbie gardener--


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Hi Constance!!

Nice to meet you. I moved here two years ago myself from southern California. Please tell your son to pop in and say hi. We have lots of experienced and very friendly, knowlegable desert gardeners who would love to help.

I have gardened most of my life but never in the desert. Most friends told me you can't garden here...it's a desert. Well, they were wrong. I had alot to learn myself. It is very different gardening here-LOL. But there are lots of native beautiful plants that grow here,etc...trial and error is the way anyone gardens here.

Here's hoping your son comes to visit Nevada's forum!!!


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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

Still doing mostly damage assessment (from the cold, dry winter) and watching things emerge and bloom here. The tulips thought this winter was Just Right.


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