seacliffsand(7a)March 1, 2007

We have recent evidence of moles in the lawn. Anyone know how to discourage them or what we can do to remove all of them? Our cat just caught one but she seemed to want to play with it. I'm afraid that if my husband had not seen it, the mole would have gotten away.

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I'd look them up here in the GardenWeb or Google it. Lots of information for you on "how to" get rid of them.

We have ground squirrels here...they are so cute and my dogs love them but don't do anything but try to get them by digging holes where they have holes coming up in the, huh?

We also have to actually "do" the dirty work of getting rid of them now. I googled them and got lots of advise on how to get rid of them.

Good luck to you!!!


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We don't have a big mole problem here like you may have but we did have one. My husband ran water down the hole and waited at the 'other hole' until the very wet mole came out and then he caught it. After keeping it in a bucket for a day I told him we didn't need any more pets. Mr. Mole meet Mr. Shovel.

If you just have a hole or two this might work but if you have more I would take Beca's advice and google it. You'll end up being an expert after reading ten sites or so.

Good Luck, Maria

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Thanks Beca and Maria;
Had googled it and just was hoping someone had something that really worked.
I'll try the water trick!

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

Moles like to eat lawn grubs, so if you can kill the lawn grubs, you will most likely get rid of the moles (they will go to another neighbor's yard where there ARE grubs). I had grubs and moles in Kansas, but since I hate grubs way worse than I hate moles, I didn't mind the moles one bit. I also had rabbits in my flower beds (so densely planted you really didn't notice the bunny nibbles), and I let them be, too.

Maybe it's because I've always had indoor-outdoor cats that I've never had a huge rodent/critter problem. Cats either pester them to death or eat them, depending on how the cats were brought up by their mamas.


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