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Dbarnes0314March 27, 2012

Hi there,

my wife and I are new to the area and just purchased a home. We are in the process of removing the rock and want to lay sod down. We can't seem to get a straight answer from any of the nurseries about if we need to mix in top soil or not. Just need some advice. We have heard, get your soil tested and then mix in propper nutrients?(whatever that means) We have also heard, to mix in about 2-6 inches of top soil with the exsisting soil when tilling? Just so many different opinions!!! This is our first home and just want to make it as simple as possible. Not to mention inexpensive! Thanks!

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abq_bob(USDA 5a/SS 2A)

I'm not sure what part of NV you're in, but if you're in Las Vegas, you might want to make sure you notify the water district. If they think you're watering too much, they'll slap you with a waste fee. They do allow extra watering for seeding new lawn, but they need to be notified beforehand. I'm not sure if Las Vegas is the same as Albuquerque, where they were also considering limiting the percentage of lawn to yard you were allowed to cultivate to 20% Max.

Here is a link that might be useful: LVWD Watering Limits

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

In some communities in Northern Nevada the cost of water is causing some people to reduce lawns.

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Lynne Reno

To give you some idea, we have a relatively small lawn, but once we turn the sprinklers on in the spring our water bill goes from around $24 to $80. We are going to rip the lawn out for that reason, and also because it looks like crap and has huge fairy rings that have resisted everything we have tried to get rid of them.

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Lynne Reno

I should have added that I am in Reno

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agray132(Z5 NV)

Don't add anything. Till the ground before you lay the sod and level out any clumps. Put the sod down and water three times a day until established. Try not to walk on it for a few weeks. Its best to lay sod in September based on my experience and let it root over winter. Do not fertilize after you lay it, its already been fertilized at the sod farm. Fertilize the beginning of next year during spring. If you are worried about weeds then fertilize with a weed kill additive mixed in. Scotts sells a good brand containing this. The main thing is to watch what your grass is doing. Fertilize at least twice a year, spring and fall. If your grass seems yellow but not dying you may consider ironite. After the first year aerate your lawn once or twice especially in dry Nevada weather. Do not cut your grass under a 3 in cut. I prefer 3 1/2 to provide shade for the soil in summer months. Mow your lawn at different angles everytime you now to ensure thick and even growth. If you can, water two to three times a day no more than 20 min a station or area and every other day during summer months. When its cool in spring and fall water once every other day. This idea is to achieve a deep soak of the soil and deep root growth. Lack of deep soak will kill your grass in Nevada. This post is old but I hope it helps.

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Hi. I live in Reno, and we just laid sod today. I have 2 pallets of fresh Kentucky blue sod (we bought too many pallets)... they must be used within the next couple of days. I paid 578 for the two pallets and will sell them both for $350 (rock bottom price) right now! Please contact me at 775-750-0681 if you would like to come and get the sod. Thanks! Caryn

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