Correct Shrub to plant

tgmccallie(z7a NW GA)October 6, 2012

I have inward circles at each end of my inground pool. I would love to have a shrub or a manageable tree planted in each circle. I want something that I can keep trimmed to a manageable shape. My pool is direct sun for 100% of the time. I would also need something that does not have invasive large roots that might damage the pool. Also something that is evergreen that does not loose many leaves that would be messy in my pool.

I am open to suggestions. I thought of Nelly B Stevens but someone told me that these had very bad roots.

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If you plant a holly with spines , you might regret it when you or someone else steps barefoot on some fallen leaves.
Ilex glabra, inkberry holly, might be a nice alternative. If it were my back yard, I would go for something requiring less trimming and maintenance and suited for size for that spot.

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