Puncturevine / Goathead overtaking area...HELP!!

kdelardaApril 6, 2008

I have tried Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer, and that hasn't even made a dent in this nasty weed overtaking part of my yard. I *could* try diggging it out, but right now there is so much that I'm not sure that is feasible, and living in the desert means no burning. Anyone have any luck with a specific herbicide that will help get rid of this terrible plant??

we literally noticed it was covering an area last weekend, and this weekend, it has grown 2x the height, and is now creeping slowly into where I plant my veggies!!!


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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

Call your local County Extension Agent. I believe that Goathead is classified as a noxious weed, and is best eradicated as soon as possible. You may even be able to burn the stuff at this time of year--depends on local regulations. My guess is you may have to resort to something much stronger like Tordon or Triox (if those are even still legal), and it might even be that the county folks will come out and spray some sort of weed killer for you.

A friend of mine (okay, so he's a total pyromaniac) swears by his flamethrower (one designed specifically for killing vegetation).


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Roundup works on it just fine. In fact I haven't seen the plant it won't get rid of. I hate this weed too - it is the usual culprit behind flat tires in our kids bicycles. It also isn't difficult to pull out by hand, just try to get it before it sets more seeds that sprout to still more weeds.


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