Growing bananas in Vegas

aquadm(z8)April 8, 2007

I'm wondering if any of you have experimented with growing bananas in Vegas? I want to grow them in a shady corner of my yard near my house and pool! I wouldn't think about placing them in full sun....the sun would most likely bake them!

Any suggestions?

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Never seen it done before ...

I am not a banana grower by any token but I think what is working against you is humidity .. a big factor .. and winter temperatures. Those I think may be the most difficult to overcome.

Container planting may be an option ?? Maybe ? The growing medium could also be formulated better in containers.

Indoors ? A make shift green house. I plan to grow some coffee plants in my upstairs bathroom..two showers a day
should help boost the humidity.

Then again had a client once a natural green thumb that grew some amazing oranges .. just planted the tree in the yard ? While all the "experts" casted doubt on such an idea.

Good Day ...

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I had a banana tree growing in my yard until winter came, grew fine in a shady area in my yard in summer. Tried wrapping it with christmas lights in winter,heated it up too much and killed it,got the juices flowing too much! Give it a go, just don't light it up!

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