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TimnaApril 13, 2011

Hello everyone!

I am from Northern Nevada and new to this forum and to gardening. This will be my first garden. Does anyone have tips for me, what to plant? when is the best time to plant? what flowers do best and where? What books, magazines or websites I should read? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!

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valree3(Nv zone 4)

Welcome Timna! The best place to start is at your local Coop. extension office. You can get all sorts of info from them about your area, when to start plants, soil, zones for growing plants, etc. If you want to veggie garden, think about the things you and your family like to eat. Start with a small garden the first yr and then add to it in the coming yrs. When you find out your growing zone, flowers will be easy. Pick the ones you like and want to see in your yard. Read the flower labels, they will tell you how to grow them. Your local nurseries may also have workshops and you can learn from them. I really like Fine Gardening mag. I have kept the mags. over the yrs. and go back to them when I need info. Better homes and garden garden mags. are also great. Cut out pics. of yards that you like from mags. and you will soon see a style that you like. Copy that style and from there you can add your own personality to your yard. I also like the Western Sunset Garden Book (pick it up at home depot, lowes, costco sometimes and bookstores). The Garden Primer by Barbara Damrosch is a good basic book on gardening. Check out the other forums on GardenWeb for info. I have found really good info. The Nevada forum isnt a very active one. Drive around your area. This will tell you what plants do well in your area. If you see a yard or plant you like, stop and talk to the owner. Gardeners love to talk about their yards! Good luck and keep the Nev. forum updated on your progress and your yard.

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