How does your garden grow?

loganladyMay 6, 2007

Well, I just picked my first tomato yesterday :):) It was an Early Girl. The other tomatoes are not as big...but they weren't planted as early as this plant was. This year we are putting up a shade cloth protector on top of the gardens so the hot weather won't do it's thing.

Other vegetables growing (or trying to grow with these crazy winds and changing hot/cold weather) are summer squash, yellow squash, romaine lettuce, raddishes, eggplant, green peppers, anaheim peppers, serrano peppers, basil, parsley, oregano. I also have peaches & apricots and apples growing.

Keeps me busy and out of trouble ;)


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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

I'm still doing winter damage assessment. Okay, so I don't grow vegetables anyways because I have too much shade where the soil is good enough, and not enough good soil where the sun is good enough. But things ARE growing, and I'm finding more and more stuff returning every day. The peonies seem to have appreciated the extra-cold winter because they have more buds and the tree peonies had more blooms than previously.

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

jus' checkin' in--now that the heat is on, things are blooming and fading at an amazing rate. I'm still doing winter damage assessment, same as before. But as things grow and fill, I realize that I don't need as many replacements as I originally thought. One "blank spot" got removed from my "to-fill" list because a closer look at the fading foliage in that area showed that it's prime cat-snoozing habitat, and that any plant put there would just get smushed.

I also discovered that one of my brat-cats LOVES to sleep in my dianthus clumps. I assume he likes having a fragrant bed or something.

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I am just planting my garden tomorrow. You people with long growing seasons make me jealous. On the other hand, I only have to do yard work for 6 or 7 months out of the year :).

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In my vege gardens I am now picking zuccini, yellow squash, raddishes, carrots, tomatoes. I have never had basil plants or oregano re-seed before but I must have about ten basil volunters besides the two plants I planted. The oregano plant came back from the winter freeze? I couldn't believe it.
The wind storm we had knocked off at least 30 of my peaches down...but there are many left on the couple of trees...also have apples and appricots growing this year too!!!
A few of my roses got black spot-fun, fun, fun-NOT. I think it is gone now. Petunias and the rest are growing and look great-growing like crazy.

I am on weed alert now...getting them picked before they grow bigger.


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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

I have a clematis that appeared where I don't think I planted one. I can't be certain, because I have put a lot of clematis in over the years, and some of them were written off as dead. So it could be a stealth survivor Clematis, or it could be a seedling from my Etoile Violette in back. It's a purple clematis with four petals, quite attractive. I certainly won't complain. I like letting Clematis twine through the Virginia Creeper to add a little color and interest.

This year is definitely the year for mystery plants--first the mystery Penstemons, and now this. Or maybe this is a hint of things to come in a maturing garden where seed heads are often left to mature for the birds. Right now we have goldfinches in front raiding the Bachelor Buttons as they go to seed. In back, there is the usual assortment of mourning doves, house finches, blue jays, woodpeckers and a lovely Western Tanager. That's why I don't get too surprised about "volunteer" plants.


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Lisa, I just ran across a beautiful Eloile Violette clematis!!! Never heard of them before and while we were visiting Durango, Colorado I saw them...and I asked the antique breakfast place's owner what kind the purple flowers were. Just another flower I will add to my yards. I think I could get them to grow in the front yard...spiraling up the river rock columns. The hummingbirds would love it...and so would I. :):) I miss seeing blue jays...they just don't come out here I guess. We do have quails though-they are soo cute.
I do have to put hummingbird feeders back out now that we are home. They ran out of food and my daughter didn't make new sugar food for them,etc,etc..I will do that today.


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I have a host of aka "Angel Wing", "Donkey Ear" cactus that have been blown over by the winds here in Pahrmp,Nv...anyone want any cuttings? They grow great but take up alot of room .

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

Oh, Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) is just about to bloom. This will be its first season blooming! The Martagon lilies are positively thuggish this year. Maybe not thuggish, but very sturdy and tall and happy. And I just found a mystery Rudbeckia I planted a couple of years ago. One of the Cherokee Sunset series, I think. I forget what I put where.

It's the usual riot of stuff everywhere.

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