Native Orchids

cattleya17(6b/NY)October 29, 2007

Hello i live in the hudson valley of new york and i was wondering are there any native orchids left in New york state? if not ill be sad : ( but if there are id like to know their name or names whether they are still around or not. Thank you very much


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Here's a list of genera in New York.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orchidaceae

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Hey Thanks a ton!!!!! Its amazing to know that something so extraordinary could be lurking in my back yard! But i know not to touch them if i see them. I could completly destroy them forever. Thank you so so much!!!!!

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I had an opportunity to take a tour of a nearby bog this summer and saw some native orchids in bloom - at least the ones that the deer didn't eat! Quite beautiful. I included a link to the bog webpage below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bergen Swamp Preservation Society

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Hey Samuel,

I grew up in the lower Hudson Valley near Peekskill, NY. Cypripedium acuale, Corallorhiza maculata, Goodyera pubescens, and the European Epipactis helleborine are all quite common. Get out there and look and soon you will find some. Only the Goodyera is easy to grow unfortunately.


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Cattleya17, I only opened the first page of the orchid listing.I'm not sure if they go into the life cycle of them but it's interesting.It is illegal to dig up any wild orchids. They will not grow for you. Cornell U. tried and I believe they too failed.It's amazing what it takes for nature to get them to germinate.The seeds need to be pushed by something into the ground(deer hove)ect.The depth has to be just right. Then a certain fungus has to be present.Then its several years later and you have one Indian Moccasin,Lady Slipper ect.You can look up Indian Moccasins and get a more scientific version on line.I find wild orchid under evergreen stands. The damp dark condition I'd guess create the fungus growth Enjoy them but don't touch them

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Craig, In NC it is not illegal to dig up/kill any plant on private property, only on state/US owned land, such as where highways will be located, etc. You can put Round-Up on your entire area, regardless of what endangered plants are there. (With critters, it is a different matter.) Anyway, pink lady slippers WILL transplant if the appropriate care is given when digging, i.e., don't cut the roots at all! New studies seem to indicate that the fungus they need is mostly for germination, not continuing growth. I wish what you stated (the illegality of digging them) were true here. Two years ago on the side of the road someone was selling POTS of pink lady slippers for Mother's Day!! I am sure they did not observe appropriate digging methods. It is so sad to see them that way. In our rescues, we move as many as we can. I have successfully transplanted quite a few that were in a proposed housing development. Most survived, going on eight years. It is worth the chance as they certainly cannot survive with houses sitting on top! BTW, tissue culture is making many of the orchids available commercially, but I don't have the big bucks to buy them. C.reginae and C. paviflorum have been available for many years, and now I am seeing ads for hybrids.

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