what kind of plant is this

ttenintyJune 10, 2011

k so my dad recently moved his camper into an RV park and the spot he moved into had all kinds of cool plants there were vines and ferns and other random plants and ofcourse weeds so any ways my son was playin behind the camper and came back and brought me a beautiful flower it was purple it only had four pedals it wasnt bloomed yet but it looked like it would be the size of a quarter when it did bloom after searching for almost an hour i found the plant it belonged to the stem was verry long in comparason to the flower and just below the flower there were leaves that looked like cilantro and then the stem was about three inches long and it was bare untill the bottom which looked like more cilantro so i dug it up and there was a bulb in the middle of the root ball i found about five plants and im absolutely in love i want more plants but i have no idea what they are so i cant buy new ones does any one know what this is?????? please help ps i ground the leave and cut some stems i cant smell any thing so i dont think its cilantro

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i found it but thanks any ways http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anemone heres the link cool flower check it out

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