So you've told me I dont have the hostas I thought I have...

leaflover76(5b)August 16, 2012

From other postings I've made, under different posting subjects, I've been told that the hostas I think I have I don't have. I bought this one with the tag Yellow River:

This one was bought under the impression I was receiving Pizzazz:

So what are these hostas really?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

yellow river .... in my garden has a deep yellow edge ...

yours looks more like antioch.. or one of its other names ...

the sun is messin me up on the 2nd.. but ..

didnt we go thru all this in the other posts???

when it all boils down.. ENJOY THEM,,. who the heck cares what the names are ... we all have illegitimate children plants planted out behind the garage.. lol ...


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tepelus(6a SW MI)

Those poor illegitimate, I mean plants. Yes, plants. There are no kids living behind the garage. *Looks over both shoulders.*


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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

The first one does remind me of Antioch:

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It happens, probably more than you think. Often times when people will mention things here like "such and such is a horrible plant" when I think it is a fantastic plant, or "such and such won't grow" when it should be vigorous as a weed, my first thought is that they might be mislabeled. Or browse through the hosta library pictures enough and you can really see how badly things are mislabeled.

If we point it out, just don't take it personally - it happens to us all :)

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Don't feel bad. I have a whole bunch of what was supposed to be Twilight and looks like Antioch. My "Abiqua Moonbeam" and "Whirlwind" are probably Wide Brim. There's an "Inniswood" that looks like Dream Queen/Thunderbolt. People move tags around, and I suspect one of the local plant suppliers just shoves in any handy tag.

I've started looking up the picture on Hosta Library before I buy, although even that isn't foolproof. If you have a smart phone, it's easy to look stuff up right in the nursery.

That first one looks like it could be Mountain Snow. There are so many white rimmed hostas, and they look a lot alike. If you know what color the flowers are and when they bloom, that will help eliminate some names. The second one looks like Night Before Christmas, but the leaves are too round.

Good luck finding names. It's always nice to have a good ID.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Leafover, I have a blue mouse ears that was labeled Love Pat, a Paul's Glory that was labeled Forbidden Fruit, a Summer Breeze that was labeled Great Escape, a Francee that was labeled as Wide Brim, an Aphrodite labeled as Plantaginea, a Gold Standard that I've forgotten what it was labeled, a September Sun that's really an "I don't know what", one labeled as Elegans that's another "I dont' know what", a Royal Standard that's an "I don't know what", One labeled as Blue Cadet that I think is another Blue Mouse Ears and now a Pizzazz, that's another "I don't know what" and I only have about 40 hosta. I've gotten mislabled plants from dedicated hosta growers, from mail order gardening catalogs, neighborhood nurseries and big box home improvement stores.

I suggest you take photos of flowers if you get any this year and note when they bloomed. That would help identify the plant. Your white centered one could be any of several. It kind of looks like Dream Queen/thunderbolt/Dream Weaver, Ann Kulpa and Night before Christmas (and many more). If we saw a photo of it when it's not faded by the sun, someone might be able to ID it. Same with the white edged one.

So basically, I'm suggesting that you wait until next spring when they are fully leafed out and still have good color and post them then. If you have photos and time of flowering, that would help, too.

Other than that, you have to decide how important a label is to you. For some people, it's very important. It's so important that they will give away an unidentified hosta. For me, it varies. I've had some for years and years that I can't identify. I'm keeping those. I don't know about the others, yet.

I suggest you post your request for ID with a topic that includes either "noid" or "ID" in the heading. Post no more than two hosta per thread to avoid confusion. Most people like to see if they can ID the unknowns, so will look at any thread with that requests a name. The more people you have look at it, the better chance you have of getting a good ID.


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Thank you bkay and MadPlanter. Part of my hosta enjoyment is knowing the names of the plants I have. I keep records, pictures and stats on my computer. I read about them on the library and on the forum so knowing the name is kinda important to me. And I am one of the those who will give away an unknown. I did it last year. The part that bugs me is that I have a collection of suppliers that I buy from near me so what I do is browse the inventory, come home and look them up then go back if I like what I read. These two in the thread were ones I liked what I read so I went back to buy them. Now they arent even the ones I was trying to buy. I will keep "yellow river?" cuz its lovely, but the other one will depend on the results it gives me next year. This is what it looked like when I bought it in spring 2011

This is the same one in September

This is the "Pizzazz?" in June 2012

Now in July 2012

These are the only pics I have of it. No flowering ones. But does this give a better indication of what it is?

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