We got us a FORUM!

ljrmiller(z7 NV)June 30, 2006

Too cool! What's new in my garden this week? Lilium superbum is blooming for the first time this week. It's got almost-neon orange, small, pendant turks-head blossoms. The bumblebees think that my front garden is nectar paradise. I could just sit and watch them all day.


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Thanks to Beca for letting me know about this forum. Hadn't realized it was in place. I'm new to Las Vegas and for the time being, can only grow things in containers. Brought several plants with me, and have them outside. Planted a few more things in pots when weather got a bit cooler than 100+. Oops - now, I'm worried that it might be too cold for them.
Freesias starting up, as well as poppy seeds. Achimenes aren't showing yet but they take a bit of time.
Now wondering when, and if, I have to bring some things inside. Can bougainvillas stay out if they're against the house? Daylilies, iris, balloonflower always stayed out back east. What about the orange tree?(used to bring it in but we had snow and freezing weather there.)
Also totally confused my nerine - it grew a hefty bunch of leaves but I moved just when it was time to send up flower stalk. Now looks like it's starting leaves all over again but probably have to bring it in. And what about the amaryllis - still growing leaves but winds here keep breaking them off.
See, I'm as confused as my plants. And normally, I grow all my annuals from seed - usually starting them inside(those slowpokes like lisianthus as early as Dec.) Maybe other things need to be started earlier too; guess it depends on when warm weather arrives again.
From reading the postings, there are so many things that will grow here; but for me most have to wait until I have some actual flower beds...I don't think some will be happy shoved in a pot.
Beca's been amazing; sharing all her ups and downs of gardening; and letting me know where to go for more information and actual plant shopping. Her enthusiasm's contagious...just have to keep checking out this super site to stay inspired.

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Hello Maritimer,

Welcome to Las Vegas. I guess you're doing work to your yard so you have to keep all your plants in pots? Anyway being in pots can be hard on some plants. In the summer thier roots get hotter than if they were in the soil mulched and a plant that might do fine in the ground may die in the pot. I would guess the opposite might happen in the winter where there roots might get too cold on cold sensitive varieties.

I have a bouganvilla, Barbara Karst, that I have against the south wall of our house and it dies down to the roots every year but comes back like gangbusters in the spring and it is about 8 feet tall and blooming like crazy now. South walls are the warmest place for them and in warmer parts of Las Vegas I've seen them blooming in winter but here we're in a cold pocket.

Citrus do great in pots, in fact I'm having better luck with them there than I did with them in the ground. Daylilies and Iris love Las Vegas so I'm sure you'll have no problem with them in pots but I would be careful about overwatering the iris. I would be concerned it might rot if kept constantly wet.

Happy Gardening, Maria

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dirt_dew(z9 az)

Beca was the BEGINNING of the Nevada Forum!!!

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Hi Maritimer!!

Glad you got in here at our little Nevada forum. It's the forum that people don't "think" we need because we don't have anything growing but weeds and cactus. Surprise!!! Thank You Jason for your post. You helped me get this forum too remember? :):) and it worked!!!

As you know I am a year ahead of you learning what grows here and what will not. Constantly learning. My Mom & Dad had green thumbs and had the most beautiful yards where we grew up in Torrance, California. I got the bug from them, I guess. :):)

I recently had a half moon shaped raised bed built behind my sunroom I have now (and boy, is that nice-control over the weather)...I am going to plant a rose garden in there. I will plant tulips, other bulbs and other plants in it too-I hope it'll be really beautiful in the future.

I have a Meyers lemon tree in a pot..I brought it inside the sunroom for the winter. Heard it wouldn't do well outside. OK. I had to leave the best lemon tree at my old house when we moved out here. It had the best lemons!!! Oh well-I am hoping this plant will do the same soon.

I know you will have fun in here-there's tons of fellow gardners who know everything and will help out.

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Having this Nevada forum is great; replies are specific to the concerns gardeners have about growing right here. Yes, to Maria about why all must remain in pots. We moved into a new community in Aug. Some landscaping done out front but back is a gravel bed. And fixing that is not in the budget for this year.
Brought my smaller things inside last week...freesias that are just starting up, small hibiscus, begonia, impatiens, achimenes, one bougainvillea, but not the larger one. I'm going to try leaving it out, south side against the house. Maybe I will try wrapping something around it..or put pot into box and fill inside with styrofoam, old blanket or such.
That's how I protected roses in the cold country; cardboard or plastic collars around them that I filled with leaves. Never lost one!
Finally put my feeders out today. Let's see if any visitors arrive.
Beca, I envy you that sunroom. Would be the ideal place in which to bring the fragile plants. Also a good spot to grow the special things that high winds and too much sun would damage. (I have several amaryllis bulbs in pots outside growing their leaves - couldn't believe how the winds just split those large straps right off.) Will soon bring them into the garage inside a box for their winter rest. Hope that works; they usually went into the basement for a few months but there isn't any such thing in this house.
Starting to rethink leaving my orange tree outside; it's very tall and I don't have a sunny inside place to put it. Figured citrus grows here and it could just "tough up". Any advice? ( It's one I've grown from a gift packet of twigs, and it's moved with me from place to place - sentimental to me).
Will keep checking this site for the wonderful ideas everyone has. Eventually I may even have a proper garden to putter around in.

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Good Morning!

I remember when I moved out here in 8/2005 and had just a few potted plants with me. I had my token few with me...some died as soon as it got cold here (impatients)..some made it through. I really missed my former backyard-it was beautiful. The people who bought my house claimed their son was allergic to plants (??)...so I had to get rid of all of my hanging baskets (YIKES-I had so many beautiful ones)..some friends took what they could but I had to trash the rest that wouldn't make the trip here to the desert. Soo-getting my sunroom has really given me back a place that I can grow what I like and I do not have to worry about the weather outside. It's still a work in progress but that's normal for me. I am always working on something. I especially LOVE sitting in the sunroom watching the winds blow......and knowing that my babies inside are just feeling the windows moving outside the room. These winds just destroy anything it it's path. I am planning to plant in a raised bed recently built...and it's in an area where the winds blow through...(heck, where don't they blow?)...I bought a chaste tree on Saturday and we will plant it and some roses and bulbs inside it this week. Me against Mother Nature...hahaha. Who will win??? Mother Nature. Also bought a desert willow tree to replace the cactus tree that blew over and died in the corner of my backyard. It will look good in that corner-we kept the desert look there. I will try and figure out how to put a photo of my sunroom in here to show it to you!
Maritimer you know so much more then me...and have done more then me too. Now I have the time to learn more and that's exciting. I do love this site. There are so many great people in here who are willing to help out with gardening needs.
Ok....you asked about your orange tree inside or out??? I think it would be ok. My Nevada book says eastern exposure is the way to go and to protect it from the sun (filtered sun/partial shade is best). How cool to have this tree with you!!!


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