attack of the tomato hornworms-yikes

loganladyJuly 4, 2006

Well we went outside to check the vegetable garden beds last night...we've got alot of tomato plants growing,etc...and much to my surprise about 3-4 plants were eaten alive by those ------ tomato hornworms. My husband had never seen one before (where has he been living, I wondered???)...anyway I proceeded to use clippers and cut these sweet little devils off of my plants. Must have cut in half at least 15 of them. Tonight there were only 4 or five. I still have tomato plants (LOL) and tomatoes. The hot tropic tomatoes I planted in the next raised bed with the silver reflective mulch had no worms on them (the silver mulch does work!!)...I had read to use it because it confuses the insects and birds too. Next year I will use it on all of the beds.

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