Red Pine Lily - in the wild

ronkw(8b LA)October 22, 2010

Found this (Lilium catesbaei) growing down in the wet bottom.

Took the photo last month, the show lasted a week or so.

Needless to say I was very happy with this find.

It was blooming in two places, about 100' apart.

I've had this land 20yrs, they have never bloomed until now.

They are now getting more light, since Hurricane Katrina. In addition, I got in there afterwards, chain saw in hand, then followed up with several low intensity burns over the past 5yrs.

Voila, conditions are right.

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Gorgeous! I'm sure you are right about what happened. So glad the lily was there when the right conditions came along.

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terrene(5b MA)

Beautiful pics of a gorgeous lily. That's great it could grow successfully after the changes to your land. Do you manage it for a particular purpose i.e. to control invasive plants?

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ronkw(8b LA)

As ash ga wrote, it was probably because of the changes that allowed/encouraged it to flower. I suspect the plant as been there for some time, but was not getting enough sun.
Fire stimulates an amazing number of our natives.

I do a lot of work to manage for wildlife in general.
Food production and shelter.
Two or three "open" areas get burned frequently, once every year or two. Some is deep, mature woods, not much to do there. Constantly looking for Invasives.
They are removed with extreme prejudice. :)
Chinese privet/ligustrum is the worst.

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