R Nelly Holly

whodaz(7)October 28, 2009

Hello there..

I have about 310 R Nelly Hollies in Monroe NC as a privacy fence around 2 acres and about 20 of them look kind of yellow instead of the shiney dark green the others have.. A friend of mine saw them and said I need to feed them. He said I should get some Pelletized fertilizer, and that a 50 pound bag should be enough for all of them.. and to get a little tube thing to feed them with since there is so many.. I have no idea what tube or what kind of fertilizer to use.. can someone help me out here.. thanks

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If you're talking about 'Nellie R. Stevens' holly, it is not a native plant. It is a female hybrid plant, a cross between the English holly and the Chinese holly.

Not sure what your friend meant, but generally you can get some 10-10-10 fertilizer (very common at Home Depot/Lowes) and just throw it out around the base of the plants.

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today I just got 10-10-10 fertilizer but it says lawn on the label. is that the same thing or what should I look for at lowes or home depot?

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about the fertilizer spreader I think he was talking about something like this.. http://www.pbigordon.com/professional/page.php?id=504 do you know them?

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10-10-10 is commonly used for lawns, but it is also a good all purpose fertilizer.

I personally would not bother with a spreader because it costs more money and then you have to store it. But if you think you'd use a spreader for other things (like your lawn), then by all means consider it.

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alright sounds good.. I dont think I need to use the spreader for the lawn but do you recommend an easy way to spread the fertilizer for these 310 R Nelly Stevens? and how much should I give each tree like a hand full?

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