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drahmeJuly 21, 2007

We went out to NotoLover's home and let me tell you, it was well worth the effort. I thought I knew a fair amount about the subject and it turned out I didn't. I would highly suggest taking NotoLover up on her offer, if you are a fan of cacti or just enjoy a scenic drive and are curious to see what can be grown in northern Nevada.

I ended up coming back with somewhere @ 10 more varieties

than I knew existed, and they are now transplanted. I will have some pics up in the next month or so.

That was a very nice week-night excursion.


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Cactus are so great for sharing. I just wish they were a little more gardener friendly - all those thorns! I'm always on the lookout for lightly thorned ones but you can't beat there bold form in the desert. If we lived up north I'd love to see the cactus you guys grow up there.


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Actually, it is me who is a bit envious of you folks who live down south. You can grow quite a bit more than we can. I had no idea there were that many more varieties which can grow up north. We'll see how many actually fare the winter sans shade and shelter.

Ever been to that 'park' owned by the chocolate factory in LV? Very nice.

I put in an optional link for some of the cacti I picked up.

A lot of the cacti notolover has, she keeps in a sun room when winter temps get intolerable. It must take several hours to move all that cacti.

I got a couple virtually sticker-free cacti which would probably do quite well down south. There are also a couple really malevolent looking charachters which fortunately look to be relatively small...

I also picked up an opuntia from Iowa, which was growing all over the place. One of the three pads now has what looks like black spot - never seen that before. The other two seem to be in culture shock. It should be interesting.


Here is a link that might be useful: New Cacti

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