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UglyYardJuly 18, 2012

Things to know about me:

1 - I never gardened before.

2 - Don't laugh but I am afraid of insects. Yes I know about 99% of the food I have eaten has had an insect on it. I probably even swallowed many without knowing(gags) But I still want to garden. I need to.

3-My yard is not working. My husband and I planted grass and it has died. It seems everything we plant something bad happens.

4-I have tried growing plants indoors but got a mini fly like infestation that would not go away. And believe me we tried everything from home remedies to sprays that specialized int hat stuff.

5-Our yard has no privacy. In the picture I posted the wall that we share with neighbors is chest height on their side. Their yard is higher up. Their kids use that wall as a bench.

6-I have begged from landscapers for ideas on what to do. I get no response.

7-We have a stray cat(we are allergic to cats, could end up in the hospital if in contact with one) The cat will not go away unless I step outside. He comes back when I go inside as if teasing me. But it destroyed a canvas drape I was using for privacy. If I call the humaine society they cannot do anything unless the cat is in reach. Well that doesnt help.

Please anyone I want to plant a garden but I am not sure how to keep cats, rodents and insects out. Do I need to build a cage? My soil is clay like. Please help. Thanks.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Check the price of water. Some places in Nevada it is ridiculous to try and have a yard or garden. I've even quit a border of annuals.

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Trap the cat and let the humane society take it away. Don't leave it in the sun though! That would be horrible!

You can't keep wildlife out of a garden. It really sounds like you may want to consider putting in raised beds, or even container gardening.


I'm not surprised grass died - you're in the DESERT. Grass doesn't belong. Look into xeroscaping.

EDIT: Wow, that was a necropost! There's not much traffic here I guess if a 2 year old post with a year old response is still on the first page of the forum, LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Horace McCracken self-watering raised beds for desert environments

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This is a website that has some useful information including a vegetable planting guide for this area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Desert vegetable planting guide

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