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betakaJuly 4, 2007

Hello, I am building a tiered flower bed out of wood a friend gave me after she tore down a fence. Problem is, I need a few more logs but cannot identify the what type of wood or design they are at this time. I think they smell like cypress but they have unique design. Anyone able to help? Thanks much. Also, please excuse the composting horse poo in the pictures.

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I didn't look at both pics just the first one but the wood was very weathered so I have no idea what it might be. I just wonder if using it go hold dirt for the flower bead is a good idea. Ordinary wood rots in dirt. It really needs to be redwood, Cedar or preferably pressure treated. It doesn't look like pressure treated or redwood. It could be cedar but it doesn't look in too good of shape so even it was and you got more cedar it seems like the old wouldn't match up well with the new.

I wonder if you could make a bed of the size that you have wood for and then maybe a different section of rock, brick or pressure treated so it wouldn't have to match? it seems like this would be easier than trying to find what you have.

Good luck, Maria

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