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drahmeJuly 13, 2011

Well, if you are having trouble with tomatoes, you haven't been spending much time in Kansas. Tomato plants out here look like jungles. A popular morning garden host said that in his 30+ years, he had never seen that much spectacular growth. I believe him - I've never seen tomatoes like this either.

Meanwhile back in Nevada, the excess moisture and cool temperatures has done wonders for the cold weather crops.

Arugula, lettuce, greens have been fantastic for us.

Everything else.........

Other than a bountiful harvest of cheat grass, not much else to report.

The cacti definitely have not liked the extra precipitation and because of that, I have two opuntia sp. that are going to have to be replaced.

The standard poodle however, is beside himself with all the extra rain showers. The cairn, is not nearly as thrilled.

One other outstanding performer this year - Silver Stripe Bamboo. Going to have a lot of culm transplanting to do.

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themayocynic(NV Z5)

Hi drahme,

Out of sheer frustration I started on hoop houses over the veggie beds I currently have. After killing 3 sets of 8 tomatoes (seeds started in situ and indoors) I had to go to the nursery and just get some. The annoying thing was all but one type of tomato was new to me and I sent some seeds to a friend in PA. We were thinking of sharing our growing and eating experiences of these varieties. However, I'm having to settle for her telling me all about them since mine never took :\

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