Lantanas need help!

hlbryantJuly 7, 2009

My lantanas need help! I have three lantana plants in my front yard, one is yellow, one is purple and the other is multicolor. They are on the south side of the house so they have no shade throughout the day. They were doing really well but recently the flowers all started wilting. All the other lantana plants I see around town look great! So why are mine wilting? How long and how often should I be watering them? Do I need to fertilize them?

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It's probably a water issue. Increase the water and see if there is improvement. I wouldn't fertilize with anything except if you must, compost mulch can be added to the surface and watered in making sure the sprinklers wet the mulch as it will provide nutrients to the plant. Omni compost is great. You can get it from either Walmart or KMart, I can't remember which.

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