How about a Nevada roll call?

loganladyAugust 4, 2006

I'm in Pahrump....southwest corner of the state.

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Hello Beca,
I'm in Las Vegas, also in the Southwest part of Nevada and have been surpised that there seems to be more interest coming from the Reno/Sparks area on the nevada forum. Our conditions are quite different but then I have plants that I could grow in our old house on the other side of L.V. that poop out on me here seven miles away!

BTW did you fill your new porch in with plants yet?


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Hello, thought I would say Hi. Never expected to see a forum on gardening in Nevada so I started building my own site some months ago.

I found this site looking for some stuff on Red Ants.

I live in the Johnson Lane area north of Minden and can sympathise.

Have some relatives in Henderson too, who used to live in Santa Clara and are having some difficulties making the gardening transition.

I liked the poster whose attitude was 'Live and Let Die'. How apt and appropriate.

Best wishes to all during this strange growing season.


Here is a link that might be useful: Growing stuff in Nevada

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Hi Maria and Drahme,

I started on the sunroom a couple weeks ago but got sidelined for a bit. My husband was put in the hospital in Las Vegas last week (he is fine now)...soo everything got put on hold.
Now....I am back trying to figure out what furniture,plants, put out there,etc...brought some of my plants back into it now that we have an air conditioner working (also have two ceiling fans out there too). Without them nothing would grow-the plants would bake...including me LOL.
I did hot glue some river rocks along the edges of an old patio table and it looks interesting. I love river rocks. I put some of my container plants on top of this...also a wooden bench is out there with some aspargus ferns, a pink jasmine (soo pretty and smells so good), a 'superbena dark blue'verbena hybrid, some herbs, and some impatients surrounding a plant I cannot remember what they are called. Mimi's restaurant has them outside in their planting beds in Summerlin area. They have very pretty small flowers in pink & white.
I am still in the beginning stages and have alot to do yet but now that we have ac out there it is a workable area. I will take photos when it starts looking like it should.

Dhrahme-I have a good friend who lives In Gardnerville. She moved there when it was a really small town!!

Maria-maybe one of these days we can meet? I'm only 45 minutes away. I come into Vegas to shop and when I get bored out here (LOL). I love shopping at the Plant World Nursery!!!

Hopefully some others will check in for the poll?


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I'm in Ely - northeastern part of the state and an entirely different world than the southern part! This part of the state is high with beautiful mountains, has cold winters and a short growing season - but wouldn't change it for the world!

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Hello Beca,

I love plant world too. It wasn't too far from our old house so I used to go there quite a lot. Plus they have a lot of different plants you don't find at Star and all those parrots, toucans, cockatoos, etc. are a lot of fun! I'm always game to go to a plant nursery -I drag my husband to them when we're visiting CA even - so email me when you are going to go and I'll meet you there if I can. Just a little further up Charleston is my favorite nursery at the community college across from the Library. It's small but they have some desert plants that no one else in Vegas has. We found some great trees there a gorgeous twisted acacia, ironwood, and acacia pendula and I have my eyes on a Tenaza that has wonderful sweet puffy blooms in the heat of summer.

Hope we've been through the worst of the heat here because I've been planning what I'm going to plant and move this fall and I can't wait!


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Hi Maria

OK...I am planning a trip to Plant World on this Monday around 3pm. E-mail me and I'll give you my cellphone # so we can connect at PW. Hubby is dropping me off before he goes to a model train shop to drop off a train he repaired for them. Like your husband...mine gets dragged along too-haha.
I was not aware that California had a Plant World there? What city? I am thinking up in northern California? I am from southern California...and never heard of them before moving here. Maybe my hubby & I will stop at the other place on the way over on Monday. I am also thinking of what to plant. I decided that I am also going to have another raised bed dug out in backyard where one first looks outside. It already has a drip line to it so that is the hardest part...well, THAT is an understatement as we both know the digging in this "dirt" we have is not fun. LOL. That's why I will pay someone to do it for me. I will do the planting when they are all done. Bulbs will look so beautiful out there.


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Elko Here, we are also in the norteastern part of NV. I am a NV native, and also have called Lovelock home for about 15 years, I love that area. I graduated from school here, moved away, came back and lived here again for about 12 years, moved away to Colorado, and Montana, and here we are again. I am kinda homesick for MT now, hard to leave an area that taught one so much, and changed who I am forever. Just so much to learn. I can't get used to the idea that I can't just go out and collect berries, mushrooms, etc., here like I used to there. When I lived there, I was homesick for here. go figure!

I am, however rippin ready to harvest some pinion nuts, something I never had the opportunity to do anywhere. What fun this will be!

Hasn't this year been unreal for the heat? I have spent most of this year battling the birds for some of our harvest. They got pretty much all of the strawberries and raspberries. I don't know how to trim an apple or cherry tree for spring or fall, so naturally we didn't get very many apples, but the cherries were abundant, those the birds didn't get themselves, that is. Right now I am battling them for our ripening plums. The birds are so wasteful, just one peck, and then off to another. I hate to see them all over the lawn, and not yet ripe enough.

Elko is in an odd situation, kinda just like Ely. Very short growing season, but we are almost more part of Idaho or SLC, than NV. We get the extreme NV heat, and also bitter cold in the winter. Believe it or not, I have caught more big fish here than anywhere, and the crawdads are way bigger due to the heat! Man, there are pluses wherever you call home!

Right now, I think I have more tomatoes living indoors than outdoors, the dang slugs are very happy with my garden too. I vermicompost with worms, and am trying to garden naturally VACT by next year. Right now, I am composting like heck.

I am long winded, and always wait until I have too much to say, hence the long post...

Have a great day guys,


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Welcome to rock junkie and Glo cat!!

Always nice to add more Nevada residents to our roll call!!! My husband and I thought about moving to Ely once. We had to change our thoughts because of his need to be nearer to VA (for his healthcare).

Keep posting and happy gardening!! Keep ahead of those birds Glo ;)


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Hi from Yerington! We enjoy gardening here both outside and in our Charley's Greenhouse kit we built in 2000. It has been the best investment because even when those high winds kick up, it is snug and calm in the greenhouse. Also have a 2100 gal pond with plants, fish and stream. I lurk on several other forums here, but am glad we have one for NV!

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Welcome seacliffsand!!!

My hubby and I looked into Yerington before we moved to Pahrump. Nice to hear from you and very glad to see we have another Nevadian. We had a sunroom added on to the back patio cover and we LOVE IT too!!! Just like you, we have winds that kick up "whenever" (like the past weekend we had high winds and they broke off a limb off of one of my young apple trees). OUCH.
How cool to have a pond with the works. I am jealous. I do have a (man-made) dry creek bed across my backyard and it runs along the side of the house through the front yard. We love it's look. We also hope it never gets truly used here. LOL.
Anyway hi...happy gardening and keep on posting!


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I'm up here in Palomino Valley north of Reno/Sparks in a Canyon! Looking forward to the gardening challenges in store for me. I know it's an odd time to sign up for a Gardening forum but I just ordered some mail order roses so I'm in the mood!

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Hey...Welcome to our little world of gardening catbalousranch!!
Here in Nevada our gardening world is odd then the rest of the USA but that's okay. We have more fun trying to figure out what can or can't grow here. And the best part is having others who live in Nevada who can help you out with any questions or problems you might have. So welcome to our little world and happy gardening!!


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Hi everyone! I live in North Reno and this is going to be my first year REALLY gardening. I don't consider my buying tomato plants and growing greenbeans last year actually gardening, so keep your fingers crossed that this year goes okay for me. Maybe one of you can help me. Some parts of Reno are z5, some z6, and some z7. I keep getting different responses depending on what web page I am looking at.

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Hi, I live in North Reno, Golden Valley to be specific. I have lived here for about 8 years now and moved from Massachussetts. My husband and I purchased a home on an Acre which is quite common in New England and BOY! what a challlenge it has been! Every year it's seems there is a new problem that props up somewhere, This year it has been VOLES! What destructive little buggers! I have learned alot and still have alot to learn so I hope to find some other avid gardeners in my area.

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Hi I'm in Vegas. I found you all doing a search for the deep blue superbena. I'm usually in pools and spas forum. We replanted the front yard and I lost a few superbena and wildfire red verbena. Can I do cuttings? We put in a few bottlebrush shrubs and minis and a few lady in red salvia for the hummingbirds. The lady in red seem to be self sowing, will they bloom? I just got some superbloom from Plant World to encourage more blooms as the bottlebrush seem to need fed. I was using miraclegrow, but the fellow from plant world who planted our trees recommended superbloom instead. I'm not much of a gardener here but hope to keep the yard looking nice for us and the hummers.
We do the Home Shows at Cashman field, I can leave free tix for any of you locally at will call window. Post your name here, I will follow the forum. Next shows are Sept 21 and Oct 27 weekends. Also a free show is coming up at the Southpoint Casino Sept 14 weekend. I hope some of you can comment on the plants above. We have made many trips to Star Nursery to replace the verbenas, but it seems they aren't coming in anymore now. Nice to meet you all, Barb

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Hey Barb/airborne101,

I have tried looking up red salvia and verbena for you with no real answers to your questions. I have some red salvia and it blooms thru the fall. I need to deadhead mine in the front yard. They are growing under the mulberry tree.

God, "Fall"...doesn't that word sound WONDERFUL?? I am ready for it.

We just did some major weeding in the backyard-what a job. Tumbleweeds are no big deal-just huge. It's the other ones that are a pain pulling them out. Our vege garden is overgrown again.

I have I'd love tickets to the Southpoint Casino Sept 14th weekend if you can wing it. (Becky LePage-2 please)-Thanks!!


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Welcome Barb,

I've never grown the verbenas you are asking about prefering the permanence of perennials but you can grow verbenas from cuttings. I'm not good with it, I usually end up too dry or to wet, rotting them but it doesn't hurt to try. Lady in Red is a reseeder so your new plants should bloom for you. Nice that you don't have to replant.

Bottlebrush are beautiful, especially in the spring when there bright red brushes cover the plants. We lost our dwarf ones to a cold winter but they sure are attractive. Must wonder if fertilizer is what they are needing though as they aren't heavy feeders, I suspect that you have iron chlorosis which is common for them in our soils. Do they have leaves that are yellow with green veins? That is the classic look and if so they need iron. Adding iron to plants can get old and we've been using more and more desert and lime loving plants that don't need it.

Your yard sounds very colorful and I love those hummers too. We have a lot of the salvias, penstemons, and agastaches in our front yard that has the hummingbirds duking it out over whose territory it is.


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You folks brought me luck !!! We had to make a trip to Star Nursery yesterday for irrigation stuff and they had my deep blue superbena and one of the red ones too. Off to another Star and found more red ones yea!
I was kind of hoping the verbena would live over the winter, rats. Glad to hear the salvia mini plants will eventually bloom, I have a lot of them coming up.
Bec on the show at Southpoint, I think that one is free, I will check on that.
Maria thanks so much for the tips. I don't think they need iron, they aren't yellow. I will just wait a bit, its been so hot no wonder the bnottlebrushes aren't in a blooming mood. I also bought a lipstick hibiscus for a pot by the pool. Its in the shade, gets a little sun so I hope it lives and blooms a bit. I imagine it wont make it thru the winter, but I love the look of it. I will post about the shows later this week. Thanks to all, Barb

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To Beca - the show at Southpoint is not free, so I had the producer put 2 tickets in will call for Beca LePage. Her name is LInda Orr if there is any problem. We are All Ways Shade Construction, we do patio covers and concrete, so stop and say hi. We don't go to Pahrump so I'm not soliciting business ! Hope the board monitors see that and dont cut me off. The Southpoint show is smaller than Cashman field shows. We are there Sept 21-23 and again the end of Oct. Sept show has lots of exhibits inside and outside. The Oct show is by a different producer and will have the Antiques Roadshow there as well. I get tix for all of them. All the Vegas folks are welcome to post a note and I can leave tix.
Maria - on a good note, I found 3 of the bottlebrushes are developing blooms after that last shot of superbloom a week ago. I forgot to check how much iron that has.
On a bad note, we have palm tree seedlings coming up everywhere after the last weeks rain. My DH cut the neighbors palm fronds down and threw them in the driveway and side yard. He then used the side yard dirt to plant the front yard. We have so many coming up it looks like grass. He spent 2 hours last night weeding with a litle help from me.
I love how he planted the yard and hoped the verbena would make it thru the winter. Oh well, easy enough to replant since we've lost our share with this summers heat. Thanks all, Barb

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Thank you Barb for the will call tickets. Will they be there for the October show too. That weekend isn't good for us, dang it. What are the October dates?


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Hi all, there is a show this weekend at Southpoint, next weekend at Cashman field and also Oct 26 weekend at Cashman. I can get tix for all of them. They are all by different producers so each a little different. Post here your name and # needed. Will put this in a different topic too. Barb

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Hi, I'm in Gardnerville. We actually just moved here from Mound House, but we transplanted to Nevada in 2004 - I LOVE it here! I've dabbled in gardening, but have never been serious. Whatever I know I've learned from my mother, an avid gardener who also dehydrates and cannes the results of her labor. She has been a wealth of knowledge for me, but she gardens in California which is a whole 'nother climate!!! What works for her will not work for me. I am new to GardenWeb, and I'm so excited to have found a resource such as this forum, and I am hoping to make valuable connections, to help me in my quest for a successful garden this spring!

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Welcome to our site inhiskeep!!

As you have read we are from all over the state of Nevada.Which is great so we can help each other out when problems arise,etc... I have a good friend who just moved from Gardnerville to I know where you are. It's a pretty town. I am from southern California and it is different gardening. But hey, if I can grow a good garden out here in Pahrump-you can do it in Gardnerville. Of course we don't get your snow-so that will be a problem for you. You'll do fine though. Post away asking questions-we have some great friends who are always ready to help each other out.


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I live in Sparks. Didn't have any luck with growing Dahlia's this year. Earwigs got to them. Earwigs also ruined my beautiful Angel Trumpets which bloomed profusely indoors last year. Now they are just reduced to bare branches with ragged leaves, but I put them back indoors when it started to get cold and they are slowly recovering.
Nice to hear from fellow Nevadans.

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

I'm in Sparks--the warmest part (older Sparks, near Prater and McCarran). To those of you in Reno-Sparks who are confused by the range of zone ratings for the area, here's what little I know from gardening here since 1973:

The warmest parts are in built-up, lower, flat areas near water: old Reno, old/older Sparks. In cold years, the climate is at the cold end of zone 7a. In warm years, 7b or sometimes 8a in sheltered microclimates, but don't count on it. One of my friends calls my garden "the banana belt". The neighborhood is sheltered from winter wind by trees and buildings, heated a little by surrounding paved areas, and buffered by irrigation ponds in the apartment complex behind the subdivision.

The zone designations get colder as exposure and altitude increase: places like the North Valleys and Sun Valley are Zone 5. The older (as in homes built more than 10 years ago) areas of Northwest Reno (including UNR) run from 6a to 6b.

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dustin_nevadanorth(z5 NV)

Cold Springs here with a balmy zone 5 or so. It amazes me how many zones there are in this state and area. Just within a few miles it can change several zones. We sure have a lot of microclimates. After reading on permaculture and forest farming/gardening I started thinking harder about what I Can grow. So what if its not bananas and oranges, tomatoes and peppers. Pinion, oak, locust, raspberry, currents, greens, cole and root crops. There is a lot we can do in cold areas. And taking advantages of micro climates (septic tank heat and south exposures) in my yard I can grow warmer season crops. Boy this is fun.
And check out my trade list.

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Hi ..Haven't been onsite for awhile....can't wait for Spring already...Just finished a HUGE fish pond & it's driving me crazy I can't do any planting around it..had a smaller one perviously & it was a great size but leaked all the had it made out of cement as a liner..only have mosquito fish & it needs a lot of water plants...can't wait to really get it going with sweet potato vine I had in some planters has grown a potato...does anyone no if it is edible? It's huge....

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Sorry, I haven't been on this forum for quite a while but I just wanted to say thank you to ljrmiller, for clearing up my zone confusion. Wow, there are quite a few of us from the Reno area. That is exciting! I am right between fjfr and dustin in the Stead area. Last year was my real first year gardening, and things went very well. In my small garden we had zucchini, cucumbers, greenbeans, tomatoes, peppers and lots of flowers. I am hoping this year will be even better.

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Hi! Glad to finally hook up with other gardeners. I live in the North Valley in Reno, NV. My family and I moved from sunny CA, so I'm still learning what works here. Who knows of a hardy lavender plant that will last more than one season?

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WHOOPS !!! Guess I should have read the entire thread. There's people from around here too. Shame on me!

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Hi, I'm Virginia and I live in Pahrump. I'm new to Garden Web also. I built a green house from a kit 24'x8' and this is my first year growing in it. Also have lots of tomatoes, watermelons, and cantelopes outdoors. Can't wait. Need to transplant my squash from the greenouse to outdoors soon too they are getting too big for their pots.

We have had aphids terrible this year all other the valley, is it as bad in other parts of NV? They just chew up my poor little bell pepper sprouts. I'm using ivory dishsoap and water on them, and shooting them with a hose off the bigger plants, but they are a pain in the patootie it seems to lose.

I'm a vegetarian, and I am trying to grow alot of what I will eat. Lately, I haven't planted anything that wasn't edible, lol. Nice to meet everyone.

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

lavenderlover, Hidcote Blue lavender stands a fighting chance in the North Valleys, if grown in a dry, sunny, sheltered spot. If you've already killed that one, ask the folks at Lavender Ridge (out West 4th Street west of McCarran and East of Mogul).


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carol_nv(Las Vegas NV)

Hi...I live in Las Vegas and have been gardening here since 69'...Don't tell me It's not getting hotter here; And "thank you" CA for you're smelly smoke...There are two trees that grow very well here that I hardly ever see; Pistachio (vera). The one with the nuts, and Jujube. I sent away for them years ago. I see them at Plant World from time to time..Carol

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Howdy. We're just starting a proper front yard up here in the North Valleys of Reno, NV. (No frustrating lawn, though, thankyouverymuch.) I thought we were in 6, but see from these posts that we're in zone 5. Good to know.

I actually came here through searching for composting information. (Yes, I plan on composting in the desert. Wish me luck.)

Nice to "meet" y'all. :)

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Hi! I'm in Yerington, Nv., not really sure about my garden zone or first and last frost dates, can anybody help me?

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valree3(Nv zone 4)

Hello heritage 89447! I lived in Gardnerville for years and moved up north to lovely Jiggs NV. Gardnerville was zone 6 but I always bought plants for zone 5. We had some really cold temps. over the years. Yerington is a bit warmer than Gardnerville so I think zone 6 would be more to your area. Check with your cooperative extension office over there or next time your in carson city check with their coop. extension office. Joann Skelly is their horticulist and shes really good. They also give out free info. You can also check your local nursery. Hope this helps. I've got around 4" of snow on my yard with more expected tonight and Im ready for spring!

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Hi, Katie here in Spanish Springs north of Sparks. Been here working on the yard for 10 years, became a master gardener in 07 and found out everything I was doing was wrong. This seems like a great place to learn even more local stuff since I see bunch of Reno area folks on here. I've been more a tree & shrubber, dabbling a little in veggies & flowers, but most of what I've done is literally for the birds. Last fall a few fruit trees went in the ground and hopefully they'll be for people.
If there's anybody not yet familiar with the cooperative extension's horticulture program's resources I've linked the online list of Nevada publications. Your local office probably has more that aren't yet online. Also in Reno on Tuesday evenings through March short classes are being offered 6:30-8:30 at Bartley Ranch. This Tuesday, the 10th will be vegetable gardening, the 17th an introdution to permaculture, the 24th confessions of a lawn renovator and the 31st perennial gardens for all seasons. Good stuff!

Here is a link that might be useful: UNCE publications

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Helene. I lived in Cold Springs for about 10 years before moving to Silver Knolls above the Stead Airport about 3 years ago. I didn't do too much veggie gardening while in Cold Springs, but did have fun experimenting with which trees and shrubs would grow. I haven't had time for gardening since our move since the house needed so much work. Last year I planted a few veggies in an existing plot about 20' x 25'. This year I am going to expand the types of veggies I plant. I currently have some seedlings I've been growing in the house. The peas and beans are getting big, with the swiss chard, spinach and tomatoes just starting. I also bought seed potatoes and will direct seed some other things later. I'm really happy to have found this forum and will be watching for new posts!

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Hello all,

I live in the high desert of Winnemucca for the last 16 years. Gardening in my previous hometown of Carson City was sooo much easier. We just had 4 inches of snow last week and yet day after tomorrow is supossed to be 85!?! A bigger challenge than the weather however is my 80 lb golden retriever puppy. He seems to hate drip lines. But, I do love to play in the dirt so I will be planting and doing some hand watering until I can cure him of his bad habits. I am on 2.5 acres and have lots of pine trees and 8 fruit trees that produce pretty regularly. I also have lots of herbs in pots so that I can move them inside if need be.

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Hi there,

My name is Jenn and I live in Vegas too. We moved here from Oregon which was a huge chance for my gardening habits:) I became a certified MG through the UNCE in Henderson. We are growing lots of food and are completely organic. I created an on-line group for desert gardeners which started out being local to LV but now has members from CA and AZ as well. I tried to post the link but my message was rejected. Oh well. It as been a wonderful resource. If you are interested, feel free to contact me at Oh, and we LOVE Plant World, and Cactus Joe's (for cactus and succulents)and get out to the Springs Preserve about once a week.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jackalope's Freedom Garden - May 2009

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Hi Everyone,
I live in Henderson. Bought a house three months ago and will be my first attempt to grow anything here. I came from San-Diego California where u can grow practically anything so growing here will be interesting. If anyone has any websites they can recommend Id appreciate it. Also if anyone else lives in Henderson hit me up.

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Just moved to Reno and have lots to learn.

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I know there hasn't been a lot of activity on this thread, but if anyone in Henderson has suggestions or experience with container gardening out here, I'd love to get some advice. Also, I'm thinking about trying my hand with roses but I'm a little hesitant.

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Hi there! I know this thread is old, but thought I would check in anyway. I've lived in Northern Nevada (downtown Minden) for over 10 years and have made so many gardening mistakes that I thought it was about time I try to educate myself.

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a bit delayed but better very late than never..
would love to hear from anyone living in las vegas who have had some success with jujubes and gerardi dwarf mulberries and black mulberries.

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