Any tips on taking care of an olive tree?

St8koutAugust 24, 2012

I was about to post here for help on identifying it, but the Fedex guy came by and said it was an olive tree.

I just bought this house in Vegas and am using the previous owner's water sprinkling system he installed, but it looks like the tree is dying. Lot of leafless branches mixed throughout and the leaves seem to be curling up and getting brittle. All the other plants close by are triving (rose bushes, various desert plants and cactus (don't know enough about them yet to name them. I'm from Baton Rouge, what do I know, lol).

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Get an identification. If it is an olive tree it could be quite valuable and considerable effort and expense might be indicated. If it is a Russian olive then it is widely regarded as a pest and you should expend effort and expense only if you want the tree.

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Well, there's a closeup pic on google images that looks like mine. I looked at pics of Russian olive trees and mine doesn't have the yellow flowers nor clusters of olives. In fact, the olives are few and far between. I didn't even notice them the first month here. The birds seem to love them though.

Upon further searching I caught an article saying Clark County Nevada has a BAN on olive (and mulberry) trees. Say what?!!! The tree has to be decades old.

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Looks like existing olive trees before the ban are allowed, but there is no way I can prove when it was planted. Looks like Arizona also has a ban on them. It's all because of the pollen. I've had pollen allergies since childhood but I have not had any problems since moving here from Louisiana. If anything, my allergies have cleared up.

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