Heeer's Bobbi's -I need help with ID's

hostaLes(5)August 20, 2012

I have tentatively identifieD about half of her 40+ hostas. She'd never kept a tag or notes but now wants to know, so I am preparing a photo album for her.

The two above are views of BHN8 NOID. It is large. It measures 24x54 with leaves 10Lx8W with 10-12vp. It has tall scapes that I've measured at 53". lavender flowers. Leaves are clearly shiny but the lower shot was during a rain event. :)

BHN15 NOID. I really like this hosta for its dark, almost round leaves that show promise of heavy puckering. They are glossy. It measured 6x9 with leaves 5 1/2Lx5W with 7vp. Those near white flowers are on 14-16" scapes. Obviously a rather young plant that I will be happy to rescue from being crowded by the Thunderbold (my ID). :)

BHN34. I find this coloring very attractive. The hosta measured 10x20 with 5 1/2Lx4 1/2 leaves having 6vp. I have no clue! It seems also to be a plant only 2-3 years in her garden.

BHN32 NOID. This appears to be either Frosted Mouse Ears or (sruggling to remember the light margined XXXXX Mouse Ears). The plant measures 5x9 with leaves 1 3/2 x 1 1/4having 4vp. Can't trust my vp count but it is close. It may have struggled a bit with sunlight and the drought making it lighter in color but no crisping.

Any help will be appreciated. What do you think

BHN8 NOID= (possible it is Invincible?)





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BHN8 looks like Krossa Regal to me. No idea on any of the others.

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tepelus z6a SW MI

The last one looks like it could be Heavenly Tiara. Resembles mine. It's the only one I can guess at.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i was also going to suggest the last was a tiara ... and leave it to you to figure out which ... whether in spring.. that is a yellow edge.. or white.. will make a difference ...

the first.. wet??? ... what is the leaf color when dry.. glaucous.. or green.. shiny or matte???


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Ken, the top photo of BHN8 is dry and the lower is wet.

BHN8 is definately not Krossa Regal ci lantro, but thanks. Not as uprigt as KR, the leaves have much less substance, and I realize the glaucous blue-grey may have been washed off but don''t think so. I should have turned a leaf over. It is a medium glaucous white underneath. Theresa says KR and Regal Splender have edges like soft swells coming onto a sand beach on Lake Michigan while BHN8 has ripples like a peble has been dropped into the water. She is quite valuable to have around. Much more romantic than scientific, but it works.

Karen, I think Bobbi has Heavenly Tiara and I see the similarity. The differences may only be age however. She has worked 11 of the last 12 days and we haven't gotten together. The clumping of BHN34 is really tight like my BME. The more oblong leaf blending into the petiole, which isn't easily seen, is very FME-like from the photos in Hosta Library. I'll leave and go look up HT. Iwould think a Tiara with that many eyes would be much larger. How wrong am I ken?

Doesn't the AHS allow a search for all hostas with Tiara,or Mouse Ears in their names. I forgot about that.


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tepelus z6a SW MI

How is the thickness of the leaves on the last one? Are they really thick, almost succulent, or are they really thin, like paper? I have several of the mouse ears family and they all have very thick leaves. My Heavenly Tiara has very thin leaves, and seem easy to damage.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

8 = Krossa Regal. It's sterile. No seedpods
15 = Blue Moon
34 = Looks like a nakiana type, maybe Warwick Curtsey.
32 = Diamond Tiara


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The url where you can find a list of all hostas with the word, for instance, Tiara in its name is: http://my hosta.com/?P=search


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ci lantro- It's lunchtime but I am not hungry. Why? Because I walked back to my Krossa Regal and took a good look. Then I walked across the street and took a good look at BHN8. Then I was able to lick the egg with cilantro from my face allthe way home. There was so much of it my hunger was a thing of the past. YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. BHN8 IS Krossa Regal.

Thanks for the lunch ci lantro. (lol)


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LOL, Les. Krossa Regal does look quite a lot different in August than it does in June. Anyways, I just transplanted two KR's yesterday so I had a good up close, late summer look at 'em. It's a great hosta, spring or late summer.

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donrawson(Z 5)

BHN15- Possibly Moonlight Sonata if the flowers are fragrant, or maybe Nightlife, which has fairly thick leaves.

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Don, hard for me to get down and sniff for fragrance. Besides, I would fear for my nose. This is a site where I almost lost a toe in Bobbi's DH's trap-line. (Never fear-it wasn't intended for me, but for voles!- I think!) He really hates voles as of this year. I think I've seen him roving the gardens at night with his 45 Magnum in hand. "Well vole, do you fee lucky tonight? Do you?" I've heard him mutter. They must not since I haven't heard cannon fire. :) I think I'm good as long as I don't eat Bobbi's hostas.

When is a gun a horse? When it's a 45 Magnum. Phew! At physical therapy the other day the topic of discussion for the intire 11/2 hours I was there was shooting handguns, and it was really unique since it was all women. Those ladies knew their stuff!

I can say without hesitation Don, that the leaves of BHN15 have considerable substance. When I hand over the photo hosta log I am working on for Bobbi I plan to beg and play the guilt card if I have to if she doesn't give me this one. At least an eye or two division :) Don't you think that would be fair?

Gottago. Time to check out Blue Moon, Moonlight Sonata, Nightlife and Diamond Tiara. I'd found Warwick Curtsey in the Hosta Library but not in the AHS data-base.


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Don - I looked at every reference I could fine on Nightlife, and went back over to her house and took a close look at BHN15, and I believe you'v nailed it for me. If with that much scrutiny I couldn't say it isn't, I could say it is. It's Mommy and Daddy don't care what I call their kid. And the plant is not likely to be used for breeding thoroughbreds.

Thanks much. Amazingly we've gotten the two of the four I expected would be the hardest, the solid green ones. Very quickly too, I might add.

I still need the two variegated ones and felt they would be picked up quickly. The one I feel is a mini, but the few responses all from highly experienced collectors all feel is a Tiara, has me going. I looked at a lot of Tiara photo I could find and my own Golden Tiara. None has the really tight mounding of BHN32 and all give larger numbers regarding plant and leaf size.

I've downloaded two lists from myhosta.com of all hosts with Tiara in its name and with Mouse in its name,and I am going to do spreadsheets of each to compare with BHN32. It may not be productive, but I expect to learn something I don't know. And when I am done it might in fact be Diamond Tiara as Steve said. So I mean no disrespect to anyone.

BHN34 is so beautifull. I expected a whole bunch of experienced hostaholics to jump in and say "that's xxxxxxxx". And it hasn't happened. So I might run another thread with three new ones and BHN34 and see what happens.

Is everyone getting tired of NOID requests by now? It will drive me to drink if I have to wait until spring, and as they say, it's not a drive but a short putt. What is called a gimmee!


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I was going to reply earlier, and am glad you had a change of heart on Krossa Regal. They are:

Krossa Regal
Mystic Star (sorry, it isn't Nightlife)
Grand Tiara
Heavenly Tiara

Check those out and I think you'll see better matches.

Good luck!


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Aha! Don, I was thinking that #15 looked familiar, and it must be because I have Nightlife and it is really dark in my garden. I had it as one of my favorites in the poll just done.
But I had the wrong size in mind, and looked at King of Spades....not exactly right....but yes, I vote for Nightlife on that one.

I do not have Moonlight Sonata, but I think I ordered it from W&G and will have it soon....me and the fragrant hosta, an obsession I think.

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