About That "New" Flower Show. . .

hunt4carlMarch 14, 2013

Ouch! Just returned from the opening day of that
"other" flower show I was raving about. . .

Sad to report, Springfest has finally gone the route of most of the other "alleged" Flower Shows, i.e., it's very little about flowers and/or gardening this year, and more about every conceivable thing related to gardening,
meaning: tools, crafts, gizmos, patios, furniture, wine, you name it!

Yes, there are a few plants for sale, and some educational displays, but only the one major garden display, smack dab in front of you as you enter the space, and even that is fairly simplistic. You'll be hard
pressed to find any plant labeled, and asking rarely helps - the plants are mere decoration for these folks!

Now, let me back off a second: the food tent is still quite good, way better than you'd expect (we tried their root vegetable soup today and it was grand!). . .on a cold, blustery, winter day like today, it was still quite pleasant to be warm, under glass, with the sun streaming in. . .
unfortunately missing this year (for the first time) was our favorite summer bulb concession and several actual nurseries that had interesting small displays, and knowledgeable people. . .also gone was our
special amaryllus lady, with her enviable collection. So, it could still be a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. . .but a flower show that will challenge and
stimulate you - NOT!

After the Philadelphia Flower Show last week - which is
STILL pretty amazing, but slowly, inevitably, shifting it's
focus away from actual gardening - I had great hopes
that little Springfest was going to hold it's own. . .but, no.
like it's agricultural cousin, the grand old State (or County) Fair - held at the same fairgrounds! - this once
proud little "flower" show has become a mere shadow of
it's former self. While I understand (and try to embrace)
change, the loss of these traditional "fairs" and"flower shows" seems to leave life a little hollow.

Thought it only fair to give you all a head's up. . .or you might seriously question my taste in "flower shows" and never want to hear from me again!


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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Thanks for that update Carl. I had it on my calendar for this weekend, and was seriously thinking about a family road trip! Looks like we just freed up our weekend.

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I went on Friday, with my sister, my mom, and a friend who just wanted to get out of town for the weekend. We actually had a really good time.

My sister has a great garden, and has decided to add some late winter flowers, so this worked out well; there were 4 or 5 different witch hazels in the displays - some were labeled and the rest were in gardens where there was someone who could give us an ID. Her favorite garden center, Atlock Farms, was there with some interesting mini irises and some very unusual houseplants, and there was a great selection of hellebores in the display gardens and for sale by several vendors. There were also some camellias, but we passed them up since they were all the early spring varieties and we're more interested in early winter types (because of bud hardiness issues we've read about here on the NE forum).

Maybe the gardens weren't completely set up on the first day, or maybe we enjoyed it because we'd had a heads up from Carl and had very low expectations. To be frank, we also had slight hangovers - that may have helped!

Anyway, I probably wouldn't miss the Boston show for this next year, but to be honest I liked it much more than the Philly show, which I've only gone to once.

We were also planning to go to a behind the scenes tour at Wave Hill in Riverdale on Saturday, but it was canceled due to the weather. So instead of that, we walked a few miles on the HighLine garden downtown - always a treat, even in the snow!

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Wow! Perception is everything. . .and here I was so
concerned that I might have mislead people!

But your experience with The Highline in the snow
certainly makes me envious. . .I've been trying to visit
it during winter weather for a couple of years now and it
has just never worked out. . .any pictures?


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